Unicorn Pop Up Card

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Unicorn Pop Up Card

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What’s inside Unicorn Pop Up Card?

Outside of the card featuring a pastel-colors unicorn shines brightly in a deep violet background. The card opens up a magical world, where the skies are a sweet combination of purple and hot pink with sprinkles of stars and sparkles. At the center of the card, there is our lead character – a trendy unicorn who has multicolor strands of hair, baby powder pink wings, and hot pink hooves. Thanks to the characteristic of being a 3-d object, the unicorn looks like it is about to fly through the cotton-lookalike clouds and enter the real world!

Occasions for Unicorn Pop Up Card

Not just any photo of a unicorn, but a 3-d unicorn that can appear lively when open but disappears as you close the card cover. This will be a full-of-surprise gift for daughters, and little sisters whether it is their birthday or simply because unicorn is their favorite character.
We all once were kids and fascinated by magical fairy tales. This unicorn theme card can be a gift for the one you care like your significant other, best friends, or female friends as a ticket back to their childhood and relive the nostalgic memories. Sending this greeting card to show how much you care and think of them!
The image of the unicorn flying through the clouds as if it is trying to reach a higher spot in the magical skies. Similar to us in real life, we have to work hard to reach our goals. The Unicorn Pop Up card is such an inspirational message for anyone who is currently chasing their dreams. If one of your friends is struggling to achieve their goal, send them this card as an encouragement.


The size of Unicorn Pop Up Card is 5 x 7".


The card is packed with a white envelope and a clear protective sleeve on the outside.


Even though a picture is worth a thousand words, sending love to someone you care about is never enough. A blank note is included in our card so that you can freely express your love to the recipient.

100% Handcrafted with Love

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews

My girlfriend loved the card so this all worked out perfectly. As far as an actual review these cards are incredibly cool, well made and guaranteed to wow the recipient along with anyone who sees it in action.


Purchased this just a few days ago and already received. Very quick shipping. Beautiful card!


Well made lovely pop open card


Gift. Loved the card! Thank you


The cutest card!! Absolutely would recommend. Fast shipping