About Unipop

Greeting from Unipop - a storyteller through 3D pop up cards!

Before introducing Unipop, let's go back in the past for us to tell you about a fairy tale. Once upon a time, in the depths of the forest a creature emerges from behind a tree. Beautiful in radiance and with a shining white coat of fur, this awe-inspiring creature trots quickly between the trees. One single horn protrudes from the center of its head, standing tall and proud. You try to chase after it, but give up after a short while, knowing that you’ll never be able to overcome the prideful beast. It is called Unicorn in the legend.

Unicorn is a legendary creature that is known to possess magical abilities. It is also a symbol of miracles and enchantment that lasts in modern day. Combining aspects of spirit and nature, it calls on us to use our imaginations to bring about transformation in the world. That's one of the reasons people use the term “Unicorn” to describe rare startups that have a big innovation in the time. Nearly all of the unicorn startups have disrupted the industry they belong to. With such meaning, Unipop aims to be a magic storyteller in the hope of bringing a strong difference in the industry of handmade greeting cards and something new to you - our dear customers.

Moreover, we live in a world run by digital communication that make it easier for us to communicate with each other. But it also makes the expressions of emotion superficial and half-hearted. Therefore, Unipop is not only the storyteller but also the real connection between you and your loved ones. Because we all know that relationships are everything, and who you spend your time with is the only important thing in the world. The word “Uni” in the Unipop also means “You and I” that brings the message with Unipop, we will say true love to someone in daily life.

Coming to Unipop, you find a Universe collection of pop up cards.

Coming to Unipop, you choose Unique products to send to your beloved ones a gift filled with love.

Each of our items is inspired by our spirit of love, dreams, wishes and other fabulous things of life. Therefore, it will help you Pop your love and touch the emotions hidden inside the soul of people you care about. It is an opportunity for hearts to get closer and closer.

Well-written cards can be some of the least expensive and most meaningful gifts you will ever give. With a few strokes of the pen, you have the power to encourage a loved one, inspire a friend, or kindle a romance. The hardest part is getting started, so just make it simple. Who do you appreciate most in life? If you could only speak to them one more time, what would you tell them? Write that down right now. Don’t worry about penmanship. Let’s love to be loved with


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