Holy Family Stained Glass pop up card

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Holy Family Stained Glass pop up card
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Holy Family Stained Glass pop up card

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What’s inside the Holy Family Stained Glass Pop Up Card?

The sky blue cover unfolds into the 3d classic holy family including Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus against the colorful stained glass of the church. The background of the card features multicolored stained glasses with deep meanings behind them. Holy Family Stained Glass would be a delightful surprise this Christmas for family.

Occasions for the Holy Family Stained Glass Pop Up Card

Symbolizing faithfulness, love, and the ideal family in Christian, our Christmas card would be perfect for a religious person or people who enjoy the history of Christmas.
With the multicolor stained glass background, this card is filled with wonderful blessings, including blue representing hope and sincerity, green representing growth and rebirth, violet representing love and passion, and yellow representing power and glory. Our card is ready to send the best wishes and blessings to your family members. Send it to your mom, dad, wife, or husband to strengthen your family bond. After all, Christmas is all about family.
Made from high-quality art paper, our greeting card will last as a keepsake of a meaningful holiday, a seasonal decoration that you can reuse every single year.


The size of Holy Family Stained Glass Pop Up Card is 5 x 7".


The card is packed with a white envelope and a clear protective sleeve on the outside.


Even though a picture is worth a thousand words, sending love to someone you care about is never enough. A blank note is included in our card so that you can freely express your love to the recipient.

100% Handcrafted with Love

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Such a beautiful and unique card to send to celebrate Christmas.


Christmas is still a few months away, but I decided to start buying Christmas cards now. I've purchased a number of cards from this shop, and the experience has been very positive. These are beautiful cards, so I will probably be purchasing more in the coming months. Thank you!

Jeff H.
lovely card

Very easy to set up and lovely colors

Yup shopping again ;)
Beautiful , excellent quality

It was absolutely lovely and so happy I got it. It really made a ninety year old woman's day.
Unlike some I purchased at mother's day, this one easily stays open on display. It's well worth the cost if you have someone very special to send it to. ❤️ LOVE the inserted note card slot for writing your personal message without having to write on the 'stained glass'