Flamingos Pop Up Card

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img src="Flamingo-pop-up-card.jpg" alt="Flamingo Birthday Pop Up Card"
Flamingos Pop Up Card
Flamingos Pop Up Card
Flamingos Pop Up Card
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Flamingos Pop Up Card
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Flamingos Pop Up Card

Flamingos Pop Up Card

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What’s inside Flamingos Pop Up Card?


At first glance, the deep blue cover contrasts with flamingos in a bright pink shade will surely captivate everyone's attention. Opening the card, a dreamy tropical jungle is created with die-cut leaves that come from various shades of green, adorable pink Hibiscus, and Bird of paradise flowers. In the middle of the jungle, a pair of "lovebirds" - flamingos facing each other in a heart shape. The background is clear blue water with calm waves highlighting the loving atmosphere between the lovebirds. Once you open it, love is indeed in the air!

Occasions for Flamingos Pop Up Card

Our Flamingos Pop Up Card is a wonderful way to send love-filled messages. It’s a subtle way to express your love without saying it out loud. With heart-shaped flamingos, this is a perfect card for your significant other on Valentine’s Day, Anniversary. This can be used as a wedding card or for the newlywed couple where the pair of flamingos represents the bride and groom.
With pink Hibiscus symbolizing platonic love and Bird of paradise symbolizing happiness, mothers, sisters, and your beloved friends would be thrilled to receive this card on their birthday or "just because" occasions. Not to mention, this card would be a “flamazing” gift for flamingo lovers.


Did you know flamingos are known to be the symbol of balance due to their signature single-leg stand? Someone you care is currently having a tough time? Well, send them a flamingo card as an encouragement, a wish for their life will soon be balanced like the flamingo standing pose.
Even though a picture is worth a thousand words, sending love to someone you care about is never enough. A blank note is included in our card so that you can freely express your love to the recipient.

Size Flamingos pop up cards

The size of Flamingos Pop Up Card is 5 x 7".


Packaging Flamingos pop up card

The card is packed with a white envelope and a clear protective sleeve on the outside.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews

Perfect card for my Flamingo loving friend!


Very pretty..shipping is strange, otherwise great


Ex transaction MINT card great seller & highly rec Made in Vietnam where my daughter in love is from ❤️ Fast 2!!! Thanks a bunch!!!! 🤗


What a neat Anniversary card to send for a couple that just moved to Florida. This is the beginning of Flamingo items for them!

Lloyd Quarles

Nice enough I forgot what I ordered before and reordered a year later.