21st Birthday Pop Up Card

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* Adorable & wonderful gift for turning 21: 

When you open the 21st Birthday card, the symbol of 21 and others that represent for milestone 21 such as: alcohol, party, independence … are pop up unexpectedly with the colors: pink, blue, yellow, both feminine and showing the strong style and personality of modern women. These make the gift more unique, interesting and novel for the recipient.

* The right message to recipient: 

Milestone 21 marks the maturity and independence of young people, no longer depending on their parents, and especially the age of 21 allows them to use alcoholic beverages. Sending the 21st birthday card to those who are turning this important milestone as a way to congratulate them on growing up & becoming more independent in life, taking great responsibility for their own lives.

* Easily express your feelings: 

Your messages/ feelings are easy to convey to recipient via the design symbol, 3D background, colors on the card. No difficulty to express your thought to recipient anymore, we will help you simplify this with our design message itself, and through the Note card inside the card for you to easily share your thought.

A pop up Card = A thousand Word

* This gift is specially for:

amazing girls who are turning 21, marks important & memorable milestones in everyone's life. Giving this birthday card on the occasion of 21st birthday helps you stand out from the crowed, also it will be a gift that is kept over time so that they will always remember their great 21 milestone.

* 30-day money back Guarantee:

We are here to support when you have any issues with your purchase. This policy will be applied when you are not happy with anything about our service or simply when you receive the product but feel it is no longer suitable for its original used purpose. Rest assured that we are always here to listen to your needs

* Unipop Note card

* Size

The 21st Birthday Pop Up Card is 5 x 7 inches.

* Packaging

One lovely Unipop card will come with white envelope & Unipop Label.

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