What is the value of handmade 3D pop up greeting cards?

My memories about 3D pop up greeting cards when I was young

As a kid, I didn’t think handmade 3D pop up greeting cards were all that special. They were the kind of thing my mom forced me to read before I opened my gifts. If there wasn’t money inside, I wasn’t interested; those were the worst cards of them all.

My mom wrote the longest cards, her additional message inside each greeting, whether for a birthday, Christmas, or some milestone, covered the entire interior; sometimes she would even need to attach extra paper in these 3D pop up greeting cards. For someone that didn’t much care for cards growing up, I had a whole bunch of memories surrounding them.

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My grandmother was the quickest to send a card, and she was really on point with them too, her stamp matched the occasion, her ink matched the color of the envelope, and so on. I spoke fondly about her attention to these details at her passing. One of the things I remember most about my grandmother was her greeting cards. I believe that nothing can beat this item when storing memories in whole life.

The magic from hand

Now, we live in a digital life and are always surrounded by high-tech equipment. In other words, we are almost online 24/7 and this makes us limit in directly contacting with our loved ones. So the use of handmade pop up cards is a sweet way for us to send the sentiments. It's not only just cutting or crafting, but also showing the real soul of maker. Just remember, a gift created from the heart will always touch the heart.

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Moreover, handmade cards are unique. Image being the receiver of the gift that is one of a kind in itself. Every handmade gift is one of a kind as no two creations made by human hand will ever be the same as another. This means every piece of every element of it is different in its own ways. Many people may think that you really have not wanted to spend a single dollar on a small detail, but a craft takes much more time, dedication and effort than buying anything from stores.

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Normal gifts over time can be damaged, a craft will always remain in your memory, like my memories about my grandmother’ cards. Since the moment you receive it is much more magical and make you even, without wanting to get a little smile. Each card I received from my grandmother is hung on the wall, behind my computer screen. This way every time I turn it on, I will remember that my grandmother, who was the person I love the most.

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When someone chooses handmade cards, they want to say that the recipient values more and that they are worth the time and the effort put it while composing one. So if you have got someone so special in your life, you know what to get them for this year.


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