Tutorial making of pop up card for your lover

Looking for a great way to surprise your lover? How about making of pop up card? It’s fun and it’s also a very personalized piece of art to send to the one you love. You can decide for yourself how to decorate your pop-up. There’s so much you can do with some markers, glitter and ribbon! You can also spray some perfume on your card as a hint… But first things first! You’ll need a base to work with and that’s what you’ll find on this page. Romantic pop-up card tutorials and wonderful templates of love phone call that help you to make a beautiful and very special for your honey.

Making of pop up card step by step

We have once again created a fabulous step by step Love Phone Pop Up Cards VIDEO for you to watch – I really do think it shows how very easy it is making of pop up card… plus the video shows you how to create your very own template or you can check out the step by step photo instructions below!

Easy Love Phone Greeting Cards Step By Step written instructions

Draw and cut out a telephone shape on the black paper.

making of pop up card step 1

making of pop up card step 2

Continue to draw and cut out the paper in a circle as shown.

making of pop up card step 3

Glue pieces of paper including telephone and circle onto the card cover to create an decorative pattern.

making of pop up card step 4

Using a rectangular blue piece of paper with the text "Hello" attached in the corner of the card cover. 

making of pop up card step 5

Then, prepare the inner popup with the remaining telephone paper, along with the piece of paper and the size below.

making of pop up card step 6

Glue it inside the card. Leave some slits unglued to create a pop-up stand.

making of pop up card step 7

making of pop up card step 8

Finally, just create the message templates you want to send to your loved ones.

making of pop up card step 9

making of pop up card step 10

making of pop up card complete

All done!

Your pop-up love card is ready to be delivered to the people you love. Create more of this and personalize it if you want.



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