Let Us Be Grateful Your Sacrifices, Our Veterans

The annual Veterans’ Day is coming soon on November 11. Veterans’ Day is a day to offer thanks to all veterans who have fought on behalf of the United States. When you see someone in a uniform, someone who serves us all, doing military duty, answering their country’s call, take a moment to thank them for protecting what you hold dear, say “Thank you” to them and tell them you are proud of them.

If you are a descendant of a veteran, you may want to express gratitude to him or her in a unique way. How do you plan to celebrate the happy Veterans’ Day 2019? What special Veterans’ Day gifts are you going to prepare for your veteran father? If you haven’t thought of any creative Veterans’ Day gift idea, you can see this post to draw some inspiration. If you have already had a brilliant idea in your mind, you can also browse the list of Veterans’ Day gift ideas to see if you need something a bit more.

Happy Veterans Day Pop Up Card Paper

Nothing does it better than making an effort to physically show love by sending a handmade card. So what are you waiting on Veterans Day? Spread some love by pop up card paper!

Happy veterans day pop up card paper model unipop

Every veteran deserves a badge for their sacrifice for the freedom of the country. Based on such an idea, we decided to choose a badge theme to dedicate to the heroes on this special day. At the first look, you can see a color red cover of this military pop up card paper features a laser cut illustration of a military badge to resemble the American flag—red, white, and blue stars and stripes. It also has the words “Happy Veterans Day” surrounding the star. A grand surprise is to come inside because this isn’t only badge.

Happy veterans day pop up card paper outside

Open the Happy Veterans Day Card to a 3D model of the wooden box contains a military badge. This image brings solemnity and gratitude to those who have contributed to the peace of the country today. The background of this design features the details of American flag spread across both panels, perfect for all of your patriotic celebrations.

Happy veterans day pop up card paper model

Happy Veterans Day pop up card paper is guaranteed to be the Best Gift ideas for Veterans. What did you decide to gift this Veterans Day? Please do share with us your thoughts and feedback; we love to hear your valuable suggestion. Have you anything more to ask for? Do leave us your comments below and also share this article with your friends and family via various platforms.


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