Celebration Graduation Ceremony this year with Unipop

Summertime is in the air - along with graduation caps at high schools and colleges all over the country. Not to mention kindergartens and graduate schools, too! It really is an exciting time for graduates of all levels - which means with graduation season come announcements in your mailbox, invitations on your calendar, and graduation pop up card on your shopping list.

So, once you find the perfect card for your proud grad? No worries, we’ve got your back. Send your congratulations to a graduate and celebrate their achievement with our unique and beautiful graduation pop up card. We have cards to suit every personality type.

Significance of Graduation Ceremony moments

Graduation from school, college or university is one of the most memorable milestones in our personal and professional lives. Graduating is a result of hard work, perseverance, vision, determination, desire to attain higher knowledge, ingenuity, and self discipline. Such milestones should be celebrated and commemorated to full potential.

girl graduation pop up card

Graduation Pop Up Card

Graduation is more than just throwing a cap in the air, or dressing up, or getting an important piece of paper, it’s about celebrating achievements, being with the people you shared a part of your life with, being proud of your journey. This day starts someone life’s new chapter. Your messages, prayers and wishes will play a great role in welcoming the celebrator’s new chapter of their life.

Graduation pop up card image

You may check a cute owl theme used in Graduation greeting card for inspiration. Owls, as they always have, continue to be a source of wisdom, spiritual and intellectual. We feel like that wise owl on the posters from school when we graduate. Let’s celebrate the wisdom we’ve gained in school with this adorable little owl and his hard-earned diploma by graduation cards from Unipop. We believe that your loved ones will smile happily when they receive your sweet words through fabulous 3D card design.


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