Funny Valentine card for every kind of relationship

With so much choice and variation out there, funny 3D Card Valentine can be rather hit and miss – but if you do a bit of research, there are some (truly hilarious) gems on the shelves for 2020. And what do you know – we’ve done the research for you!

Whether you want to express your love with a message about your favourite food, a subtle jibe about your most hated chore or the fact that you love your pet more than your other half (sorry not sorry), we’re found the perfect card for you.

Every 3D Valentine card in our round-up is $12 or less, and there’s still plenty of time to place your order before 14 February – which falls on the Friday this year, if it’s not noted down in your diary already.

So, which one speaks to your relationship the most?

Flamingo 3D card Valentine

If you've been in a relationship for a while, you know what it means to be in love day after day and you've come to embrace the monotony of it. The couple of flamingos are completely relatable. They will make someone a day of fun and joy, and it will certainly make their Valentine’s Day extra special.

Flamingo 3d card valentine


Love Chocolate

What better way to let someone know how much of a sweetheart they are! Whoever it is, from family to friends to the littlest sweetie in your life, this Valentine’s Day card is sure to have them smiling, knowing how fortunate you feel to know them. And that’s a sentiment that will stay with them each and every day of the year.

Love Chocolate 3d valentine card

Love Chocolate

Love Beat

Two lovely hearts are side by side, with colorful sky in from behind. What a wonderful way to wish the woman you love a Happy Valentine’s Day. It’s a chance to remind the special person in your life how you feel inside. She’s sure to get the message and carry it with her always.

Love Beat 3d valentine card

Love Beat

Hedgehog Love

How cute is a hedgehog? It is holding a big heart to connect the relationship between you and your soulmate. Send the Love Happy Valentine’s Day card to make your lover feel special today. The kind of love you two share is so magical that you want to shout about it from the rooftops!

Hedgehog Love 3d valentine card

Hedgehog Love

Love Bunny

For a special man in your life, we’ve got something cool. A Valentine’s Day card with an adorable bunny holding a red heart! The Bunny-y Cool Happy Valentine’s Day card is perfect for any man really. If you know a man who doesn’t like anything cute, but still enjoys receiving a Valentine, send him this charming light blue and colored card!

Bunny with Love 3d card valentine

Bunny Love


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