The best gifts graduation for him and her 2019

Every May, college seniors prepare to say goodbye to school and hello to adulthood. Even if grads have something planned, their life for the first time is a blank slate. It can be exciting, sad, happy, scary, and bittersweet. Though it may be difficult to compete with a high school, college, or graduate school diploma, Unipop has an impressive assortment of gifts that will warm any new graduates heart. Whether you give a grad a pop up card printable to send the best wishes for them or clothes to help them build their professional wardrobe, all will be appreciated. Here are our gift ideas for the new college graduate in your life.

A nice watch

pop up card printable watches

Watches for some reason symbolize adulthood. This might be because time isn’t really a thing until you graduate from college and life starts going by really quickly and you realize you need to make the most of every second. That’s why you should get your grad a watch, to remind them of this sad-but-true fact of life. The leather strap and black dial look that can easily be dressed up or down for any occasion.

Book that every young adult should read

pop up card printable book

Adjusting to life after college is hard. Your grad might feel lost, confused and unprepared. Give them a book that will make them laugh, learn and feel less alone as they try to figure the world out.

Business card holder

pop up card printable card holder

Whether you have your own business cards or you’re collecting business cards from others (or both!), you need somewhere to store them. That’s where a business card holder comes in handy. You can even get the holder monogrammed.

Cute graduation pop up card printable

pop up card printable graduation

Pop up card printable is a classic gift that will never go out of style. Send a lovely greeting card with sweet words to brighten up their day and remind them of how proud you are. Plus, it's a pretty convenient gift to give with delivery, since neither of you will have to carry it around for the day. You can pick out an arrangement online here and have it sent directly to their door, so you both get all of the sweetness without any hassle.

Let's your grads surprise with an unique gift from you.


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