The most miracle way to encourage someone you care

The miracle power of handwritten encouragement letters

One of the most impotent feelings in the world is knowing the person you love is feeling down because of illness or failure in career. Maybe you will not be able to help them in eliminating the pain or despair, but you can completely empower them with encouragement and sincerity. So what is the way to encourage someone?

Although everyone knows that, not all can get rid of the embarrassment of directly encouraging others. Although it’s easy for you to use words to motivate a person, you need to do it in a subtle way. You have to use encouraging words well so that you do not fall into the sadness of others. And they do not feel self-deprecating and inferior. In addition, your words must be emotional enough to make the person you motivate to feel it is sincere, not superficial. So if you do not encourage by words, how would you do? Text or “chat” through social networks? That is not a good idea for an action that needs deep sympathy like this, right? So let’s write a letter, yes, write it!

the way to encourage someone with Angel pop up card

Angel pop up card

The most miracle way to encourage someone you care

Compared with technology communication methods, handwritten letters can not be as quick in terms of speed. But on the other hand, the letter can convey the encouragement from you to anyone and anywhere. Whether the young or the old, the urban areas or the rural areas where electricity and the internet are scarce. And only when you write an encouragement letter, you can stay focused and stop long enough to choose sentence by sentence, word by word in order to express your sympathy as cleverly as possible.

When someone encounters unlucky circumstances, their soul becomes the most pessimistic and weak, which likes the sky is covered by dark clouds. So, in your letters, try to send simple messages and the brightest colors. And give them confidence and optimism in the most puzzling days of their life, just because: encouragement is a miraculous source of “oxygen” for the soul.


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