What is the value of handmade gifts?

Choosing gifts, giving presents to loved ones is a small joy that is difficult to express in words. However, sometimes the "fun" does give us a headache, wondering what people like. Especially when they have everything from essential to precious things in life. Today, industrialization takes place at a miraculous pace bringing us real benefits but also many consequences. Cheaper, more popular, easier to find, but it is difficult to find the difference between the mass produced gifts that is the same. Therefore, the term "handmade gift" is not new, but it becomes popular in modern society. So what is the value of handmade gifts ?

The magic from hands - The value of handmade gifts

We live on the social network every day and are always surrounded by high-tech equipment. In other words, we are almost online 24/7 and this has pushed us into limiting the use of senses in direct contact with our loved ones.

So the value of handmade gifts is a way for us to get rid of the virtual world, to feel the real world with products that need high concentration and creativity inherent in people, that is the hands. It could be your hands or the hands of an artist. But above all, it's not just cutting, grafting, embroidery, or embroidery, but more deeply is the industriousness of the handmade maker in each piece of paper or beads. And just remember, a gift created from the heart will always touch the heart.

the value of handmade gifts with Christmas Wreath pop up card

Christmas Wreath pop up card

Given in a moment, kept for a long time

In terms of accuracy to the "mm" of course, manual gifts can not overcome the industrial products. But at some time, fast or slow, industrial products, no matter how beautiful or expensive, will either spoil or become obsolete over time. And then, what will the donor do with them? "light", then place them somewhere to cherish, "heavier" then throw them away. And what is more painful when the our gift is forgotten?

However, handmade gifts are different. They are pretty, simple and they require no need to "upgrade" or follow the trend but still occupy the sympathy of the recipient. Even if a handmade gift is made in large numbers, it is itself a distinct thing belonging to a single person. Even if we keeps it by 2050, it will not be outdated or obsolete, right?

With the desire for new things, unique and devoted creativity, handmade gift production techniques are "reborn" and seem to have come in many slices of life, that can handmade jewelry, handmade table lamps or handmade 3D pop up cards ... This is also a natural law, because when it comes to the culmination of man-made achievements, people will want to return to the most natural and initial things.


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