The reason why your special to me

Love is a great but unexplainable phenomenon. We don’t fall in love with people just because they are good in sports or cooking, it happens unpredictably, it’s not within our control. However, when this beautiful feeling touches us with its wings, we start thinking what could cause it. Sometimes, the explanation “I love you because everything” is just not enough. Love is when you like someone’s advantages as well as disadvantages, but still, there is a list of cute things about our soulmates that make our hearts beat faster. So why your special to me?

Because you make me feel good about myself

Love really makes you feel more confident, more in control, and stronger than you can feel when you are facing the world alone. When you know that you have a constant cheerleader on your side, you are more capable of going after your dreams and living the life you want.

why your special to me couple

Moreover, when someone is constantly reminding you of why I love you, it naturally feels good. You are appreciated and wanted, and that is something to feel highly grateful for! So, if they are reminding you of why you’re important to me in any way, then make sure you tell them how much you appreciate them for making you feel good about yourself.

Because I can be myself around you

You can’t always be yourself around family or friends, and you definitely have to behave in a certain way around strangers, but around your partner, you can be as grumpy, happy, silly, or weird as you want. You don’t need to ask permission to be comfortable. You just do it. Why your special to me? It’s simple that I can do anything I like when we are together.

why your special to me couple 2

Because you understand me well – that’s why your special to me

No one will ever understand you like your partner. Not your mother, sister, or best friend. Your partner sees you all the time, watches you during your worst and best behaviors, sees how you react to things, and gets the insider information that no one else will ever get about yourself. They know you well, and because of that, they understand why you do what you do. Having someone who gets you on that type of level is a great feeling and well worth expressing your love in the life.

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