The power of travelling pop up card

Key chains, pens, magnets, teddy bears—all sorts of souvenirs are available for tourists everywhere in the world, but for us travelling pop up card is one of a kind. But nothing beats a story attached in a lovely from where you’ve been. Sure, we’ve got things like WhatsApp, Facebook, and iMessage to stay in touch. But there’s nothing like a physical greeting card that you can hold in your hand. It has a lot more meaning when it’s a physical object—one that you have to touch. The power of the object is stronger and we remember it longer.

Travel means being open to new experiences

The question “what does traveling mean to you?,” means something different for everyone. Whether it’s going somewhere new that is only two-hours away or somewhere halfway across the world, traveling allows one to have unforgettable experiences. For some people, traveling means going to a new city. On the other hand, some think of it as a way to escape everyday norms and go on a cross-country road trip. Despite the different definitions than people have for traveling, it allows for uniqueness and individuality.

travelling pop up card attach

Why you should choose travelling pop up card

When travelling it’s easy to lose contact with the people you would usually spend a lot of time with, and that’s entirely normal. When you’re on a holiday, enjoying where you are and who you’re with it is part of the experience. Exploring new places, making new friends and learning new things is part of the fun. Prevent from your social media news feeds is a good way to immerse yourself in your new adventures, but it doesn’t mean you have to avoid all forms of communication.

travelling pop up card

Pop up card is a fun way to keep in touch with loved ones back home, let them know where you are and what you’re doing, without feeling the need to check your Facebook messages or your emails. Half the fun when sending letters in the mail internationally is never really knowing when they will be received. So it’s a bit of a surprise for everyone involved when their recipients find them in their mail boxes. Sometimes, it takes days or weeks for them to arrive, but the immediacy of the message is not important. Rather, it’s the thought behind the card that matters. It’s a tangible reminder that you were thought of even when you and the card’s sender were apart and that they wanted to share a small piece of their trip with you.

Let us know if you send travelling pop up card or letters when you travel, or if you send letters to your friends and family while they’re travelling.


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