The Perfect Gift for Mom

Mother’s Day, Mom’s birthday, or maybe it is just an ordinary day, but you want to show some appreciation and love to the beloved woman in your life with something. But the question is ... what to give her? Well, to be honest, it really depends on the person who receives the gift since everyone got different tastes. No worries, Unipop has made a guide and recommendations for you to use.

How to choose the perfect gift for Mom?


Firstly, to make sure your gift is “perfect” you must find out what your Mom needs or wants right now but don’t make it obvious. Ask people around her, notice what she’s interested in when going shopping with you, or even take a look at her social media site to look for what she is interested in. If you need, ask your Dad for a “lifeline”. Look close enough, and you will figure out something for sure! If not sure, ask your Mom what she wants. Yes, it does lose the surprise factor, but it is better than giving something that she’s already got. And remember no one knows your Mom better than herself so ask her if you don’t know what to get!

Don’t shop for yourself

Yes, we understand the temptation when seeing something cute while shopping. It’s hard to ignore something eye-catching to you. But keep in mind that people's tastes are different. Maybe this is your thing, but nothing guarantee that this is the recipient's thing. Once you are done with the research, shop in the recipient’s shoes. This will ensure the gift is on the right track to becoming the “perfect one”.

Little things matter

The present itself is important but you know what is also important? It's the thing that comes with the present. It’s the note, the wrapping, and the way you give the gift! The gift is the message you want to send to the recipient but to emphasize it, a note filled with love is recommended. You can describe what the recipient can do with the item, or what makes you buy this gift. This show how much you care when buying the gift. If you want to make it extra fancy, send the gift with a greeting card. Pttsss, Unipop does have awesome cards for you to check out.
Another factor to consider is wrapping. Using your Mom favorite colors or patterns of her favorite things to wrap the item. Make the gift look personalized to her.

Gift recommendations for every type of Mom

For Mom who has a sweet tooth

Get her seasonal sweets like ginger cookies on Christmas, and chocolate eggs on Easter Day, you get the point. Another suggestion is a cookbook filled with delicious dessert recipes. You can ask to make the dishes in the recipe book together too. This way your Mom gets to enjoy something delightful treat after spending quality time with her beloved children making it. How sweet is that!

For Mom who likes outdoor

As we grow older, we cannot accompany our mom in her everyday outdoor adventure as much as we used to anymore. Buy her athletic shoes, water flask, and gears to make the trip more comfortable. This way something from “you” will be with her throughout the trip.

For Mom who is a tech savvy

Give her the newest electronic gadgets or devices that suit her need. For example, a Bluetooth speaker for a better experience when she watches TV and listens to music; a home security system to make your home extra secure, your Mom has turned the house into a home, it’s time for you to protect it. Take a look at what she has at home and decide what stuff to buy to improve her life!

For Mom who appreciates little things

This one is a little bit tricky. Customized thing would be a wonderful gift for her. Give her a frame with your family in it or her favorite quotation to become a wall decoration. Make it as personalized as possible because it shows that you notice those little things to get this gift. Another suggestion we have is a pop up card with the theme that she loves. Let's say she loves flowers, give her the flowers that never wilt – Sunflower pop up card. With the note that is filled with love and the flower that last like your undying feeling, her heart will immediately go aww for such a thoughtful and delicate present. Here at Unipop, we have a wide range of cards for you to choose from, find the perfect one for your Mom now!

This sounds like a self-promo but believes us, pop up card withhold the magic to bring pleasant surprise to the recipient. Make her special day or every day extra special with a pop up card!
At the end of the day, we believe that your Mom will love everything you give to her. After all, it is from someone she loves. So don’t be so stressed about this, just follow your instinct and get the gift. And don’t forget, you can always take a look at our Mom’s card collection if you don’t know what to buy. We hope that our article can somehow help you in the journey to find the “perfect” present for the special woman in your life.

Unipop Team

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