The 5 best ideas for sending Halloween cards to kids

Halloween is one of the biggest festivals with dozens of ways to celebrate, such as decorating the house, carving the pumpkins, crafting perfect costumes for the Costumes Party, and of course, preparing and writing cards for kids. In this article, let’s figure out how to prepare and write unique cards for kids on Halloween.

Top reasons to send kids Halloween cards

There are some typical reasons why send kids cards are common on most occasion, including Halloween.

 1. Halloween, same as another occasion, is an opportunity to love and share

After the year of 2020 with many troubles and challenges, all of us always wish to be in someone else’s shoes. Sending popup cards is a way to cheer ourselves up and try harder. In addition, sending popup cards is also a perfect way to enjoy, share and add more excitement to someone’s holiday.

 2. Halloween Celebration

Congrats on your special spooky day! Sending kids Halloween cards can be a fun addition to celebrating your day and making it more special. Through the years, these cards can even be used to decorate on Halloween day.

 3. Sending Halloween cards is a way to keep in touch with family members

It’s not uncommon that sometimes the cycle of life takes a great amount of our time, and we rarely have a chance to gather and share things. Therefore, preparing and sending kids Halloween cards, or even other people will improve our relationship, and easily get close and keep in touch with each other.

 4. Creating memorable messages when sending kids Halloween cards

As memories are part of our lives, therefore, keeping them long-last is truly meaningful and important. One of the easiest ways to create unforgettable memories is by writing cards. Take time and create unique messages for your family members or kids, with a meaningful wish to all of them during this spooky season. Word of mouth might be forgotten easily over time, however, the cherished and unique wishes will be long-last till the end.

Just imagine the reaction of other people once they receive these cards. How can you cast a sweet or spooky spell with your Halloween card? Shock your friends with clever and memorable messages to celebrate everyone's favorite scary holiday!

The meaning of sending kids Halloween cards

Because technology is booming, handwriting cards sometimes are not an optimal choice. Instead of handwriting, they simply send messages through the mail, or even on Facebook to save time and be more convenient.

However, nowadays handwriting a card to someone, especially the kids is very special and meaningful. The time it takes to write is so neat, as you always want them to feel what you’re writing has meaning. Do you always hope that receivers will feel your true feelings once they receive these cards?

Sending kids Halloween cards - One of the most meaningful Halloween activities

In addition to several typical activities, preparing and writing Halloween cards for kids will help to add more excitement while they are waiting for one of their favorite days. As Halloween is a great time for fun and enjoyment, therefore Unipop will suggest some creative and unique ideas when writing and sending cards to your loved kids.

What to write when parents want to send kids Halloween cards

Halloween is a chance to write some best wishes to your friends, family members, and kids. Then, what to write on these cards? Something which is funny, spooky? Do not worry or be afraid about this, since all you want to express is simple just Happy Halloween to the other.

If the cards are for kids, a funny tone of voice will make them happy on this day. Just keep it light and cheerful. Because the kids love holidays, you may try some ideas to cheer them up such as writing a note “No trick, it’s all your treats” or “Peek a Boo, Happy Halloween!”

Writing cards in a sweet tone - another idea when sending kids Halloween cards

Do you think that the long-wish will always easily touch other people’s hearts? If that, just try to create and write down some short and simple words. It's also a good way to wish your kids a memorable Halloween. For example, “Happy Halloween, little goblin” or “Hope you have a good day and enjoy an amazing Halloween”.

You know what? Words aren’t the only way to say out your thoughts for Halloween cards, if they are scary to you as much as the ghosts or skeletons, how about a drawing? Even if you are not a professional artist in sketching, a simple picture of ghosts or carved pumpkins is enough fun to make the kids happy.

Writing cards in a heartfelt tone - Try this when sending kids Halloween cards

Just because Halloween is a fun (sometimes spooky) holiday doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to say something nice to the people who mean a lot to you. Let’s note and try these ideas for them:

“Wishing you a memorable with fun and sweet things, dear”

“Scary day? Do not worry, because I will always be here”

Halloween cards for kids who have a craving for scary things

On Spooky day, to make the atmosphere more festive, some people who have a strong preference for thrilling will be spending time watching scary movies. A spooky pop-up card for them, why not? How unique you are to celebrate the spooky day.

Halloween cards for kids - Spreading love to them and your loved family members

Don't just remember some typical traditional activities on Halloween such as baking cookies, carving pumpkins, or decorating the house. Writing and sending Halloween cards for kids is an awesome activity. It's the perfect time to send cards. Halloween is a fun holiday; sending kids hand-written greetings can brighten their day! Sending your loved ones on this spooky night will light up their face with joy as they open up something so special from you.

You don't want them to think of Halloween as just another holiday. Send kids Halloween cards and make it special! Let’s countdown and enjoy one of the biggest festivals full of fun and happiness with the Halloween popup cards from Unipop! Do not hesitate and pick these cards right now for your kids at

Thanks for allowing Unipop to brighten up your kid’s Halloween season! Get more about us at to discover more amazing popup card items.

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