Easy pop up Valentine card instructions in the special day

These gorgeous Valentine's Day cards are so easy to make, anyone can wow loved ones with a homemade valentine. Just a few paper punches, embellishments, patterned papers, and our free pop up Valentine card instructions turn into a beautiful way to say "I love you".

Stitched Love Card - Pop up valentine card instructions

Make a pretty homemade Valentine's Day card with a few simple printed flower paper and a pattern of wood-stitched love message. Cut out a rectangle of patterned paper slightly smaller than the front of your blank card. Glue and stitch your embellishments to the patterned paper, then glue the finished piece to the front of the card to hide the backside of the stitching. Finally, you have a unique pop up card - valentine flowers for your lover.

pop up valentine card instructions 1

Heart Valentine’s Day Card 

This card is cute, clever, and simple: perfect for creating multiple Valentines. Use a nude colored piece of paper to cut into smaller than the blank white card, then decorate with red paper and ribbons. Finish by using some red paper with heart-shaped beads in the corner of the greeting card. It is great a valentine day pop up card 3D heart template in this special day!

pop up valentine card instructions 2

Love Balloon Card 

Use plaid paper, cutout colorful hearts and clouds to re-create the look of this adorable paper craft card. Start with four heart-shaped pieces of paper in the same size; we love the yellow, pink, orange and blue combo used here! Use glue or tape to attach them to the center of the cover card. Below attached a piece of plaid paper, then use a pen to make two lines that connect them together to create a complete balloon. Decorate with pieces of cloud-shaped paper plus “Be My Valentine” message to turn an adorable card into a Valentine's Day pop up card valentine templates for your sweetie.

pop up valentine card instructions 3

How did your origami valentine card turn out? We hope you found our instructions clear!

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