Baseball, Father and Sons

Go all out this Father's Day and guarantee something extra unique on Dad’s big day, with a personalised card. Our cards are all different and can be personalised in different ways, whether it's with dad's name, the sender's name or a special message he'll love the extra effort you go to for Father's Day! Our playing baseball with Dad pop up card is perfect for your pa, pop, daddy and old man (whatever you call him). They’re a simple and heartfelt way to show that you care and because you can add your own message to each design it’ll be completely unique.

Father, son and baseball

Baseball certainly is a source of bringing parents and their children close and it is often in the baseball experiences shared between fathers and sons that help strengthen and unify family relationships. Men don’t like to sit face to face and talk about their feelings. It’s much easier to open up when we’re doing something side by side, and we can just let the talk flow naturally as we play baseball together. Sure, it’s a bit funny but there’s something about playing baseball that can really bond a father and son.

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What’s nice about playing catch with your father is that it can provide opportunities to really open up and have deep conversations with him about life. Even if you don’t get all philosophical, the time your father spends in the front yard showing you how to throw a split seam will be a memory you’ll keep for the rest of your life.

playing baseball with dad pop up card image

Playing Baseball with Dad pop up card

Almost all of us do remember that sweet days when our fathers played with us, taught us how to do something and helped us. But no one can deny that life does often make us to leave our hometowns. It’s a very natural process — we grow older and leave our parents’ nests. We go to the colleges, to the universities, then we settle in other towns and cities so we don’t have too much time to meet our dads (and our parents at all, not only dads, of course). It’s a little sad, but, well, that’s how the life goes.

playing baseball with dad pop up card

If you are not near to your father right now, it makes sense that you still want to say something warm and pleasant to him on Father’s Day right? We fully understand this desire and we do support it. That is why we have created this playing baseball with Dad pop up card — now you can please your dad son with a great and warm saying by the cute greeting card! Let him know how proud you are when he has become your father. Show him how much you appreciate the love and support he brings to you. We are here to help you express your feelings on Father’s Day coming.


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