The forgotten piano – a touching story or lesson for people to renew themselves?

Is it ever too late to change yourself after facing a lot of problems in your life? According to this forgotten piano story below, the answer is an emphatic ‘no’. Once loved by an accomplished pianist, the beautiful piano gets left behind, forgotten, and even somewhat ruined. Later going a long trip, it has become more wonderful and of course it has already played melting songs for all of people loving music in the future.

The old piano was forgotten

Her hands have touched the piano thousands of times before. She knows each of the weight and sound of the keys so well day after day, year after year. Her body sways to the lilt of the melody until she is no longer able to sit beside her friend. Shine from the piano fell suddenly off at the moment because no one remembers its presence.

Piano pop up card blogger

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But the story takes a heartwarming turn when the piano meets Kari Sweetens, a blogger, recognizes its potential straight away. She still sees that there is something passion in the crushed piano. With some new paint, thinking heart and caring hands, the piano again turns into amazing for a new generation of pianists. Even though it was scratched and perhaps played a bit out of tune, it still had music inside. Moreover, the most important thing is that the piano gets a chance at a new life, a new change, a new begin.

Piano Pop Up Card

The parallel between the old forgotten piano and feeling lost and alone is an underlying theme in the story with a message for people to never give up hope. When they go through difficult phases in life, they may feel worn and somewhat ruined. Others may have given up on them, or they may have even given up on themselves. However, some cares can restore something, or someone, and provide another chance at life.

white piano pop up card

The last but not least, if someone that is your beloved ones is depressed in one day, what can you do now? If you cannot contact or chat directly with them even though you love them so much? From all your love, send your hand-written lines of encouragement to them. No need for a fancy card but should be a bright 3D pop up card of hope and optimism like Piano pop up card with this story behind. It will be the warm sunshine that removes their down mood, a gift that encourages their spirit so they bravely overcome everything. Let Piano Pop Up Card shine its wonderful story!


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