8 must-have tools for making pop up cards every beginner needs

These are tools that you'll use constantly while making pop up cards. They are a good investment for anyone considering greeting pop up card making as a hobby. Here, we’ll walk you through the 8 basic tools every beginner needs. Okay, let’s figure out!

8 must-have tools for making pop up cards every beginner needs

8 must-have tools for making pop up cards every beginner needs

1. Card stock

It is also called cover stock or pasteboard and it is heavier and more durable than copier paper. Copier paper is really not gonna pop up. It's not gonna really do anything for you. And you need card stock roughly 110 pounds.

2. A ruler or a triangle

There is arguably no tool as vital as a craft ruler – for the uppermost accuracy and precision in your pop up card making. You can use metal rulers because they ensure durability and reliability, with the ability to not succumb under heavy pressure. But we prioritize to use a triangle because it has a 90 degree angle already built in. That’s really great!

3. A pair of scissors

Next you'll need is a pair of sharp scissors. Although more difficult to cut smaller, intricate designs, scissors are better if you're looking to cut a large amount of paper shapes for your projects.

4. Some glue

You know, glue is indispensable in any handmade project. And we suggest that you should use white glue, it works just fine.

5. Tape

Also you’re gonna need a lot of tape. We like to use artist’s tape. It's a little less stickier than drafting tape. That way, if you make a mistake, you need to reposition a pop-up. It's also easy to write on - great for labeling and organizing.

6. Double-sided tape

The next thing is double-sided tape. This is really awesome for sticking other pieces on top of v-folds and on top of layers.

7. A knitting needle

Next, you need a to use a knitting needle to make score lines. Score lines are actually the full blinds on popups. This will really make great and precise folds. If you're really skilled and feel really comfortable you can use an exacto knife.

8. A burnisher

And the last is a burnisher. It also has a little end like the knitting needle so we can score and make the full blinds for the popups.

These are tools for making pop up cards you can easily buy at craft stores. In addition, during the search for ideas for making 3D pop up cards, you can come and browse our latest designs freely.

Making pop up cards - Tulips pop up card

Making pop up cards - Tulips pop up card


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