When "sorry" seems to be the hardest word

How to say sorry when "sorry" seems to be the hardest word

Because of the fact that “no one is perfect” there are times when we make mistakes that make our loved ones sad. And even though we know that apology for making mistakes is a fact of life but not everyone can do it. There will be some people who know that they are guilty, but try not to admit it. While others have found fault, they do not want to apologize. And then, just because of pride or self-interest we lose the precious relationships we have. But how to say sorry?

Typically, in love, one person refuses to apologize, while the other tries to wait for the first apology. So, not an argument, not a blame, they are separated from each other and lost their love. Time after time, after thinking through, who can still expect a late apology? Just as you plant a flower without watering, the flower will wither and then the time after you start backing up. How can it be as good as the beginning again?

And not only love but familyhood or friendship always need sincere and timely apologies. Sometimes apologizing does not mean that the person is right, the other person is wrong. The person who apologized first is the person who values the relationship more than what happened, do you think so?

How to say sorry with pine pop up card

Pinecone pop up card

How to say sorry with a pop up card?

As in the lyrics of Elton John’s tale, “Sorry seems to be the hardest word". When exclaimed directly from apologizing to someone, do you often feel awkward on the lips and can not say anything at all. So, if you do not have enough courage to meet face to face, look straight at someone’s eyes and say sorry. Then show your heart and sincerity with a letter asking for correction of mistakes. Because writing is the way you convey to someone that you really value them, and cherish this relationship. That’s what motivates you to pick up your pen and admit your mistakes through each word. A simple letter is good or a nice little 3D pop card is better, so it is easier to erase sadness in a sulked heart.


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