How to make yourself happy with a pop up card?

How to make yourself happy with a pop up card?

Dear friends, usually, when we mention greeting cards, we always think of it as a gift to give our relatives and friends. Gifting greeting cards is a wonderful way for us to express our feelings and sincere wishes towards the recipients in order to make them feel really excited and surprised.

However, to make fun of others, you have to be happy first. So how to make yourself happy with a pop up card? Therefore, it would be a mistake if Unipop just suggested you tips to choose a card to give to others, without sharing how to create your own fun with 3D cards.

Decorating your living space

Heretofore, for traditional flat cards, you probably kept them in the drawers or case holders. You just occasionally open them up when you want to recall beautiful memories in the past. But for 3D pop up cards is different.

Because the most special feature of each 3D pop up card is the lively and eye-catching 3D sculpture inside. So why don’t you allow them to “show” that beauty? Let’s use them to embellish your desk, bookshelf or any corner of your home. Although they are not fussy or expensive decorative items, but they will certainly make anyone come to your home “OH” for enjoyment. And of course, how happy and satisfied you are at those moments!

Thanks to the unlimited creativity of the designers, 3D greeting cards come to us in many shapes and colors so you can comfortably place them anywhere in your living space. A brilliant basket of flowers blossomed for the corner of the desk; A blazing sunflower garden by the window to dispel the gloomy atmosphere of the rainy days; A lovely corgi dog in the bedroom welcomes you home after a working day; Or a plate of grilled chicken on the table at Christmas Eve. Yes, every design is very harmonious and close to our lives.

How to make yourself happy - Nourishing your soul

You know, each of 3D pop up card is always pretty, but without greetings or the message, it is just an insensitive piece of paper. Because of that, once you have chosen some 3D cards fitting your preference, you also do not forget to write your own words inside them. Unipop believes that the more you write, the more you appreciate and love yourself.

how to make yourself happy with Birthday Cake pop up card

Birthday Cake pop up card

First of all, that is the birthday wish. After sending many happy birthday wishes to others, it is time to write for yourself! Let’s write all the wishes or messages for yourself on the first day of your new age, such as “Happy Birthday to someone awesome, talented, beautiful, and funny! Yes, that’s right, it’s my birthday!” or “Happy thoughts. Happy memories. Happy dreams. Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!”.

In our life, we will go through many important and memorable milestones, such as graduation ceremony, the first working day, job promotion,… so attached to them how do you set goals or expectations? Do not just imagine them in your mind. Write them into specific letters on a 3D pop up card. And place them wherever you can see everyday, such as a bookshelf, desk or near the bed. So for what? To remind yourself constantly trying to accomplish that ambition. And later, when looking back at each card you will be surprised and excited about how you have changed and mature.

How to make yourself happy - Happiness comes from little things

The most effective way to happiness does not have to go through the major events planned. Above all, it is the small joys of life that we can smile every day and build a life of joy and meaning. And Unipop hopes that those little 3D pop up cards can accompany you on the journey to build that happiness, not only for yourself but also the people around you.


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