How to make handmade card for Mom on Mother’s Day

For moms near and far, this gorgeous greeting card makes for a special flower delivery. A flat card blooms into a three-dimensional arrangement that's much more unexpected than a vase of roses. It looks intricate but takes only some snippets of paper and cleverly placed tape to create.

This project may seem complicated at first glance, but once you follow the instructions through pop up card youtube here, you'll realize just how easy it is to re-create.

Pop up card video DIY flower handmade for Mom


What you need

-Two pieces of paper, one for the card and one for the pop-out design
-Glue stick

pop up card youtube


1. Cut Out the Card

Cut out two long paper (17x12 cm and 16x11 cm) from 2 different pieces of scrapbook paper. One of these rectangles will form the cover of the card; the other will be glued to on the cover carde end to extra decor.

2. Draw Your Design

On the other piece of color paper, draw your flower design. We did some cute flowers we drew for one card, a simple tag name for the cover card and two little hearts "Love You Mom" cutout attached. When you're ready, cut out your pop out design.

3. Cut 3D design in the Card

Now return to your folded rectangles. Be ready a paper with the size we noted in the pop up card youtube. Cut and fold the paper according to the instructions pop up card tutorial youtube. Then you need to use a knife to make a straight line on the paper according to the location highlighted in the video.

4. Glue Your Design

Open the card and use a glue stick to coat the 3D design. Press the 3D design with flowers decoration and ribbons. Don’t forget to use little hearts attached in the right corner of the card. When you open the card, the design will pop right at you!

6. Glue on the Back

Remember the card cover we cut at the beginning? Now's the time to grab it. Glue the smaller sized paper onto the card cover. Use the flower design on the cover to decorate, and take a coil to attach the name tag to the card. This hides the cuts you made from view and gives the outside of your card a professional, finished look.

pop up card youtube done

Ask any mom their favorite Mother’s Day gift, and she will tell you that she loves the handmade gifts the most. This handmade pop up card Youtube make it so easy to give her a beautiful homemade card. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!


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