How to make DIY 3D Christmas Tree Card

Christmas cards are one of the oldest traditions of the holiday season. Making your own cards is a more personal and special manner to express your Christmas wishes and greetings. Whatever your motive, receiving a DIY 3D Christmas tree card that you have made is sure to make anyone happy. This DIY 3D Christmas tree card idea will be the star of any loved one's mantel. Each design has step-by-step instructions for making your own creative Christmas cards.

Step 1:

Use the color white and green paper, two typical colors for Christmas tree. In particular, use soft paper for the green paper to fold later

DIY 3D Christmas Tree Card step 1

Step 2:

Use the color green paper folded up and down in equal straight lines as the fan format

DIY 3D Christmas Tree Card step 2

Step 3:

Cut the green paper folded into five pieces of different lengths

DIY 3D Christmas Tree Card step 3

Step 4:

Use a pencil and a ruler to draw equal points on the color white paper. Pay attention carefully at this step to get the most beautiful product

DIY 3D Christmas Tree Card step 4

Step 5:

Take your longest green piece and glue just above on the point laid out on the right side of the white paper. Then layer the remaining 4 pieces evenly. Once all are glued in place. Carefully add glue to the “upward facing” surface of the piece. Hold in hand and flap over the left side of the white paper

Step 6:

Tada, mission completed with DIY 3D Christmas tree card. You can also add extra some ribbons or tinsel to decorate much more beautiful.

DIY 3D Christmas Tree Card

We hope that with our easy recommendation, you have more amazing DIY 3D Christmas tree cards for your beloved ones. If you want to know information about the Christmas pop up card idea, do not hesitate to contact us. Happy crafting!


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