How to confess your love on Valentine's Day

It is a day typically filled with hearts and romantic declarations. If you’ve got that someone special you’ve been eyeing or thinking about lately, here are some tips – for both guys and girls - to help you unashamedly blurt out your feelings this Valentine's Day. It can’t be completed without 3D Card Love, chocolate and roses.

Say it through food

They say the way to any person’s heart is through good food. Choose a great restaurant or coffee shop and take your crush in this special day. You can ask the staff to prepare some music and romantic decoration to create more surprises. While you are dining and making conversation, you can ease your way into telling your crush how you actually feel.

3d card love dating

Time to get 3D Card Love

Love letters may seem like an image of the past, but something handmade will definitely make your confession more sincerely than a tag on Facebook. You could come up with amazing pop up card love projects from Unipop, like a decorated chocolate 3D greeting card love with little memories of the two of you or a lovely hedgehog 3D Card Love with a special message of your own. You can find craft essentials that you will need on Unipop website.

3D card Love Chocolate

Airing out your feelings

Instead of flower bouquet, you can choose another interesting bouquet is that a balloon bouquet. It is a very easy bouquet to make! All you need is some balloons, a pen and a creative mind. If you can get some helium air, then that would be great as well! If not, blowing up the balloons using a normal air pump will do. Next, write your feelings on the balloons and then give the bouquet to him/her.

3D card Love balloon

So what are you waiting for? Use any of tips and turn your crush into your lover this Valentine’s Day! Now is not the time for you to hide your feelings anymore.


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