How a Unipop is made

Forget generic, store-bought greeting cards that your recipients will not think twice about throwing away. This season, design your own custom greeting cards that you can use to send heartfelt messages to your loved ones. Or you can choose one of our collection greeting card, we are sure that you don’t regret doing that. It’s easier, right?

Every time you gift a Unipop, you create two magical moments: One for you, one for them. But before it even reaches your hands, we’ve tucked a whole lot of magic inside. Our designers follow a special process to make each beautiful Unipop card. And since we're all friends here, we'll share our secrets with you how a Unipop is made pop up card step by step.

Step 1: Sketch

Every design comes from the imagination of our team - inspired by our experiences, our customers' ideas, and a collective quest to create the unexpected. Unipop designs are about anything close to you. They express all your emotions, joy, thanks, sympathy, humor, love and admiration. It allows you to connect on an emotional level with the people who have touched your lives.

Step 1 pop up card step by step

Step 2: Design

We use advanced 3D modeling software to engineer each card's paper sculpture based on the latest technology and the ancient art of sliceform kirigami. Lifting up the screen to reveal a new design for the first time is always exciting. I find a design, once draw onto a screen always come to life and is full of all the possibilities of what it will become.

Step 2 pop up card step by step

Step 3: Slice

Each design is matched with the perfect parchment from our exclusive paper library and is then intricately sliced by CO2 lasers. Yes. It is SO. Cool.

Step 3 pop up card step by step

Step 4: Handcrafted pop up card step by step

Every Unipop is crafted by humans carefully woven and popped into place with lots of extra care and love. The pop up card step by step process takes between 20 and 30 minutes. Being able to craft this kind of card is another way that Unipop is differentiating from the rest of the greeting card industry. Although Unipop cards are still being produced on a large scale, it’s being done in a way that doesn’t make them feel mass produced.

Step 4 pop up card step by step

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