Happy Birthday Card ideas for your loved ones

Nowadays, social media may develop quickly, but nothing beats a traditional happy birthday card via snail mail or hand delivery, especially amazing 3D cards. The best thing about a happy birthday card is that it can be tailored to the recipient’s interests and for non-milestone birthdays, like 36 or 68. Even better, you have much more options to shop for everyone.

These 3D birthday cards are the perfect way to show how much you know your loved one, and pair great with a personalized gift! Check these marvelous birthday card ideas from Unipop, you may never need to buy another card again.

Birthday Cake Pop Up Card

A sparkly birthday cake is the perfect addition to this birthday card. The star and candles add just a touch of shine and doesn't come off on the rest of the card. The white paper border adds a pop of color and picks up the accent color with vibrant multi-layer laser cut cake. Once popped open, 3D three-tier pastel confectionary creation emerges against a festive background. No one can take their eyes off the card when they are first exposed.

happy birthday card cake

Bear and Penguin Birthday Pop Up Card

Bear and penguin say happy birthday like no other birthday card. A warm birthday party scene with cream cakes and decorative ribbons dispels the cold of the North Pole. The card itself is a wonderful gift and is sure to be on display long after the candles have been blown out. We believe that love always reigns everywhere. Whether it is as cold and distant as the North Pole. And nothing more, we desire to adopt this gift to spread love to everyone in the world.

happy birthday card bear and penguin

A happy birthday card means that you didn’t have to rely on a Facebook notification to remember their birthday, and that makes someone feel special. With a birthday card this thoughtful, let’s bring your loved one's birthday become memorable right away.


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