Greeting pop up cards in the digital age are outdated. Do you think so?

People often say, "A gift without a donor is an empty gift." Therefore, the true value of a gift does not depend on its price, but that is the spiritual value it brings to the recipient. So it would be a mistake to say that in the age of industrialization, gifting greeting pop up cards is outdated. Do you agree with us?

Slow down in modern times

In the digital age, when everything is done by the Internet, from reading newspapers, texting to emailing, greetings,... we have gradually forgotten all of the warm and loving gestures we used to give to each other. Birthday greetings or encouraging messages are easily copied and forwarded from person to person for just a few seconds. That is so fast, but if you look deeply, it is just dry, indifferent, lack of sincere feelings.

No need for rhymes that is copied from someone or ornate messages that are downloaded from some online applications. Sometimes, just a few lines of your own handwriting on a card is enough for your loved one to smile in blissful all day! And of course, a greeting card is not only a gift sent in time but also a beautiful keepsake for the recipient to cherish day by day.

How long have you not given greeting cards to someone? On Mother's Day or a close friend's birthday, pick a pretty card and send in handy love lines and you will find that, despite the technology, modern society and wherever you go, spiritual values ​​will never change.


Bear With Gifts pop up card

3D pop-up card - A modern product that ties love from Unipop 

No one can deny that a greeting card is a gift which is the full and deepest conveyor of the sentiment. Words may fade in years, but the loving lines and words on the card will remain with time. And in the current trend of innovation, greeting cards come to us in many colors and beautiful designs.

Previously, people often give traditional flat cards with plain prints to each other; but now with rise of market demand for handmade gifts in the last few years, many people are fond of 3D greeting pop up cards.

Although crafted, each 3D greeting pop up cards contains the unique, creative, meticulous and the mind of the people who make it, that is the irrepressible appeal. Why?

The irrepressible appeal of greeting pop up cards

Pop-up cards from Unipop  are inspired by Japanese traditional Kirigami cutting, folding and stamping art. When folded, they look like normal flat cards. But once opened, the 3D sculpture inside each card will pop up and make the recipient surprised and excited overwhelmingly! Unlimited by the theme, the design of 3D sculpture inside the card can be a sweet birthday cake, a bright sunflower flowerpot or a lovely chuppy cat.

Next, let’s figure out the material that we use to make pop-up cards. It is obvious that not all kind of paper can be used to create greeting pop up cards. All of the paper to make Unipop products are imported from the clear sources in Korea, Japan, Italy, ... so that when you hold cards in your hands, you will feel the subtle and gentle. In addition, the cards still hold their good durability over time.

Finally, it is not wrong if we call a 3D pop up cards “a gift of two values”. Usually, when giving a gift, people will send a small card along with that gift to show their wishes. But with the 3D pop-up card, you don’t need to do that. Because a pop-up card can be regarded as a gift and a blessing. That could be a cute confession of a boy for a girl; It is the love of the child for the family or parents; It is a beautiful action that people use to encourage each other overcome difficulties.

Each of our 3D pop-up card is a bond of love and a non-verbal affection that you can use to express your emotion to someone you love. What is the design of pop-up cards that you are looking for? Tell us in the comments!


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