Let’s get emotional marketing with 3D pop up cards!

Why do your customers buy your products? Do they buy your products because they really “need” them or because of their “want”? Do not be confused that people buy what they need, because people actually buy what they “want” more. Demands are driven by logic but the desire is driven by emotions. Emotion, therefore, is a key factor in boosting consumer purchasing decisions. So it is not surprising that marketers and business owners routinely use emotional elements to achieve their marketing goals. Now let’s get emotional marketing with 3D pop up cards!

And sometimes, customers do not really have too much demand or are willing to choose to use your product or service but they are especially inspired by the smallest things, such as a nice 3D pop up card.


Cherry Blossom pop up card

Emotional branding

Get emotional marketing with 3D pop up cards in order to increase emotional branding.

Everyone likes to be gifted, no gift is not astonishing and enjoyable. In particular, business owners increase their brand identity by using custom 3D pop up cards that simulate their products, services or logos, and directly affect the emotions hidden within each potential customer. Similar to the Vespa pop up card template below, when opening the card, your customers will jump for joy because of the interest in a 3D Vespa that is full of decorative details and parts of a real Vespa.

Emotional advertising

Emotional advertising with 3D pop up cards is the smartest and most impressive way, replacing the usual way of introducing products or services that is not outstanding. 3D pop up cards can evoke emotions, humor, curiosity or happiness in the customer. These are the cornerstones of emotion that other boring forms of advertising can not explore.

Content marketing

In the age of media, marketers are often dominated by traditional and “mechanical” marketing methods. Therefore, in the creative process, the marketing team realized that “content” is a “weapon” in modern marketing. And sometimes, consumers are less interested in long-winded sales articles, but they easily fall for the messages that is short but emotional in every 3D pop up card they receive.

Viral marketing

Word of mouth – a popular form of social networking that is dominating the world today. Within each person there is a need to “show” what makes them interested and excited. Gift your customers a 3D pop up card that is both your business and aesthetically pleasing. We are sure that they will not only look at it alone but also show off it to many other people by talking about or sharing on the social networks. And is it with only a small 3D pop up card that your brand or products is approaching more people in a effective way?

Get emotional marketing with 3D pop up cards, every product, service or image of the business can reach the customer in a very subtle and undeniable way!


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