Follow the 3D card, follow your happiness

Remember the joy you felt as a child when you made a 3D card love for your Mother on Valentine’s day and the BIG smile she gave you when she opened it – rediscover that joy! Making and receiving handmade greeting cards is priceless.

Handmade greeting cards hold a special place in the receiver’s heart – they know you made it and delivered it from your heart – you took time to make it or find the perfect one. There is no better way to brighten someone’s day than with a card – especially a handmade card. Try to recall how much better (even if only a little bit) you felt when you were sick and received a beautiful, handmade “Get Well” card from someone who cares about you.

A handcrafted 3D card love is a gift – and gift giving is an important part of life.

When you send a handmade 3D card love, whether you created it, crafted it or too time to find the perfect one, you are sending an emotional piece of yourself. During this time, your thoughts are on the recipient. What better way to tell someone you care – especially around the holidays. Receiving a handmade greeting card is like receiving a present. When sending a handmade greeting card, you are telling the recipient that you care. There are benefits to giving handcrafted greeting cards. It is joyful, for you and the recipient. It is also fun! These feelings are beneficial to our well-being. Those who create cards to share with friends and family, do it with love and care. Handmade greeting cards bring much joy to the maker, the giver and the receiver. What could be better?

Cherry blossom 3d card loveCherry Blossom

Designing the cards is only limited by your imagination. Moreover, if you are not a creative person but do well with arts and crafts, there are literally thousands of kits available to get you started. If not, you can buy beautiful homemade cards that are sold at specialty shops.

Rose basket 3d card love

Rose Basket

Next time you start to think of someone whom you have not seen, has come upon hard times, or is far from family and friends, why not make them a bright handmade “Thinking of You” card so they know that you are thinking of them?


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