Unipop's favorite cards: Christmas pop up greeting cards

At Unipop, everyone has a favorite card. We asked a few people from the team what their favorite Unipop was for the Christmas. And the following are their shares.

Santa pop up card

My favorite Christmas pop up greeting cards is Santa. When I was a kid, I usually wrote my wishes in a letter and sent it to Santa Claus on Christmas. I remember collecting gifts under the Christmas tree, that’s really fun! This card is a great way to recollect my childhood and I will give it to the little ones in my family because it's really warm and cute.


Santa pop up card

Quynh Vu, Design Leader

Bear With Gifts pop up card

This is one of my favorite Christmas pop up card designs because I love the brightness and lively feeling it gives off, you know, I am happy to imagine that the bear is moving forward and is about to give gifts to someone. Also, most of my friends have a birthday this time of the year and by sending them gift with this gift card inside they are getting 2 gifts in 1 and I become worlds greatest friend :D


Bear with gifts pop up card

Snowcat, Designer

Christmas Wreath pop up card

When I saw this card for the first time, I thought of giving it to my mother, because she really loves Christmas decor. She has a list of decoration items and of course, wreath is something indispensable. So I hope that when she receives this Christmas Wreath pop up card, she will be delightful and hang it at the front door so that any guest who comes to our house must exclaim for the excitement.

Christmas Wreath pop up greeting cards

Christmas wreath pop up card


Kara, Content Editor


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