Christmas pop up card tutorial get a funny Ornament card

One of the most delightful Christmas traditions is sending your friends and family holiday greeting cards. Many people love to make their own Christmas pop up cards because you can choose your own designs and sentiments. Unipop has found Christmas pop up card tutorial that is perfect to try this season and will serve as inspiration for your own holiday crafting! They are easy enough to make in bulk or pretty enough to design for just a few special people on your Christmas list.

Preparation list

  • 6 different colored paper sheets. Be sure to use soft paper for easy cutting and gluing
  • The color white paper card
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Ribbons
  • Tinsels

Christmas pop up card tutorial step by step

Step 1: Cut 6 equal circles with different color papers

Christmas pop up card tutorial step 1

Step 2: Use glue to apply each of three circles together. Carefully leave the two remaining sides of the two circles to apply on paper cards. Do it the same with half of rest ones.

Christmas pop up card tutorial step 2

Step 3: Glue down two sides of circle shapes on the paper card. Place in different positions to create loveliness

Christmas pop up card tutorial step 3

Step 4: Use ribbons or tinsels to decorate the card to become like an ornament in the real life. Add extra some texts you want to send to your beloved ones.

Christmas pop up card tutorial step 4

It’s no wonder we fell in love with all these handmade pop up cards. It’s Christmas pop up card tutorial that we find interesting for a variety of reasons, the looks and the cuteness being the most important ones. We hope that you find this project as charming as we do and also that they will inspire you to decorate your own pop up cards to give your loved ones as wonderful gifts. And now, as the boundaries of imagination are only expanding, Ornament pop up cards by Christmas pop up card tutorial from Unipop are waiting for you to finish!


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