Christmas Pop Up Card DIY You'll Want to Know This Season

Instead of buying Christmas Pop Up Card this year, why not work together to create your own? It’s a great activity that’s so much fun to do, and it’s even better when you see your family and friends open up their card to reveal a hand-crafted 3D surprise. Here’s how to make a Christmas Pop Up Card that your friends and family will all love to receive.

General Instructions

In general, to make a Christmas Pop Up Cards, just follow these basic steps:

diy step
- Find and save a card design you like or want to make on the internet
- Choose the card stock you would like to make the Christmas Pop Up Card with. Most cards have an inside card and an outside card backing.
- Print out the template or templates for the pop-up card.
- Using the template, cut the pattern out of the card stock. Be careful with this step because your card is beautiful or not depend on this step.
- Score the lines that will be folded. Scoring makes it easier to fold the card.
- Assemble the inside card, which consists of folding or gluing the card.
- Attach the inside card to the outside card backing by gluing, assembling with slots, or sewing.
- Decorate and add words.

Pop up card tool

It is easy to make pop up cards once you’ve got the right tools and equipment.

diy tool

Here’s what you’ll need to create Christmas Pop Up Card:
- 2 pieces of A4 card
- A pair of scissors
- Glue
- Craft materials – paints, pens, glitter, felt pieces, buttons, card etc

Unlike many store-bought cards that are thrown away, handmade cards are cherished and displayed. They express feelings and warm the hearts of friends, relatives, and coworkers. We think just only you did it, the receivers are always happy with your gifts.


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