Favorite animal pop up cards at Unipop

Hi there! Do you agree with us that animals are a gift of nature to us. It will be tough to imagine life without animals. Therefore, we have always dreamed of putting our passion for animals into our job - Animal pop up cards

And it was great and exciting, in the early autumn of this year, we welcomed some lovely animal friends to join Unipop. All of them are very lovely and interesting, so we asked the people around to vote for the most impressive one and the followings are their answers.

Bunny pop up card - voted by Snowcat, Designer

bunny-animal- pop-up-cards

Bunny animal pop up card

When I was little, I took a deep love for rabbits and now I am still. That's why I can not take my eyes off this design from the first time I saw it. It evokes a sense of caring and pampering because rabbits love carrots, they can not be separated. It's coming to my son's birthday and I'm sure he'll be jumping for joy when he sees this friend, because he likes rabbits just like me.

Chameleon pop up card - loved by Christine, International Sale Staff.


Chameleon animal 3D cards


Actually, I'm not a big fan of chameleon, but when I saw this design, I just wanted to take it and look at it all time. It's really eye-catching and lively, just like a real chameleon in the tropics straying into our office. If you want to own a chameleon but a little scary, then okay, I think this one can be replaced well, so that you can hug it or kiss it.

Winter fox pop up card - liked by Ivy, International Sale Staff.

Winter fox Animal pop up cards

I have never seen a fox with my own eyes so I am very curious about them. This design surprised me by the contrast in the design concept of the outer and inner cover. I thought inside the card was simply a fox, no doubt that a fox was about to enjoy delicious roasted chicken. Look at his smiling eyes, they can make anyone want to smile brightly with. This will be an interesting animal pop up cards for my family on Christmas Day, I’m sure.


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