In this modern life, when technologies are advanced, expressing feelings and thoughts through messages or social networks has become more popular. However, in some cases, sending handwriting cards will leave a good impression on the recipient. Without any particular occasion, you can send popup cards as gifts to express your feelings and spread love to your loved ones.
Have you ever purchased any pop-up cards? Which factor will you need to remember when choosing an item? This article will figure out the top 6 key factors that impact a customer's decision when choosing pop-up cards.

Top buyer’s concern: The size of pop-up blocks needs to be larger

Most customers wonder if it is possible to custom sizes for pop-up blocks, or even just add more space. Normally, popup cards can be made in a common size is 5 x 7". The customer's demand for upgrading the size of pop-up blocks, when they are closed may become inconsequential, once they are opened and the volume is suddenly much larger than the recipient expected.

Another customer’s concern when buying pop-up card is the color

Using eye-catching colors and design elements will indeed help to approach customers more effectively. The manufacturers have to keep in mind that much of our advice stems from putting yourself in the customer’s shoes, and always trying to think outside the “basic color standards” and break the old rules. For example, some designers might assume that with items for men, then dark colors will be the best choice, while for women, bright colors will be their top priority. Nowadays, some dark color tones have been used in designing pop-up cards for women, which effectively stimulate their senses and attract much attention.

Customers also care about designing outside and inside the pop-up card

Visual design is important to gain customers’ attraction at first sight. When they want to buy a popup card, the outside look will impact their decision first, therefore designers need to visualize a customer’s viewing experience from the outside in, and consider including an appealing design inside that connects to the front of the card. Designers also need to remember that the only rule of thumb for designing on the left-hand side is to avoid using full or dark colors, as they are more likely to smudge. Take notes and apply the products to give customers the best experience when they open the card.

Paper Quality - Another factor that customers care about when purchasing pop-up card

All customers will want to receive a gift that will last for a long time. And the quality of paper material will make up the card. The paper which is used to manufacture popup cards is durable and can be kept for a truly long time, so it is very suitable as a gift and the memories will accompany us through time.
Which type of paper do manufacturers use to make up popup cards? Usually, the selection of the best material depends on the effect as well as the size of the popup card. For the illustration of “flexible” motifs, such as petals or butterfly wings, paper with a weight between 160 and 180 g/m² might be suitable. However, in some special cases, a form with a weight between 200 and 260 g/m² will be chosen. The best material for packaging or large pop-up sculptures might also be significantly more substantial and heavier, with dimensions of thickness of about 1mm.

The surprising elements will impact customer’s decision to buy popup card

It is an undeniable fact that customers will get excited and favor when they find out something that exciting and stimulate their curiosity inside each popup card. When they first explore the card, it will be much better if there is something that makes them surprised and curious, they will be astounded by the pop-up at first sight. For example, “What a fantastic card ever! It is one of the most incredible popup cards I've ever seen” - and they will immediately feel eager to learn how to do something like that.

The envelope and notecard - Buyers concerned about this

Meaningful greeting cards will never get thrown away and always be kept and covered carefully for years to come. How do you protect these cards? When tend to purchase pop-up card, customers care about card covers as they keep the card from being damaged and dirty with fingerprint, dirt, sweat, or smudge marks…
These card sleeves are made with a high-quality plastic material that is durable and long-lasting, without harmful to customers while used and friendly environment. It is also so easy to use, when you’re ready to seal your contents inside, simply peel off the film over the adhesive material. These can be used to protect and send photos, postcards, notes, loose recipes, and more.

Customer Service/Time shipping - Main factors affect customer’s decision

In addition to the list of crucial factors mentioned above, Shipping and Customer Care are also key factors of any business. Customers always review and share their thoughts about time shipping, what they want to know when ordering an item is how long it takes to be delivered. They will feel much happier if the sellers notice the shipping time in detail so that they can easily track and follow their order progress. In some cases when for any unwanted reason, the parcel is delivered late than planned, customers need a clear explanation from the sellers.
How about the importance of Customer Service? A professional Customer Service team will leave a good impression on buyers when they experience the service. When they have something that needs support, the Customer Service team will support them as much as they can right away. When there is any problem with the order that needs to be announced to customers, the Customer Service team will take responsibility for explaining, reassuring, and appeasing the customer, besides that they need to contact other departments urgently to find out suitable solutions to address these problems.

Hope this article will give you a clear overview of what customers usually care about when buying pop-up card. Explore more valuable information from Unipop there

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