3D wedding invitation card couples you must see

Your wedding invitation is one of the first looks your guests will see of what’s in store for them on your wedding day. Will it be formal or casual? Will it be during the day or at night? Is there a theme for what they should wear? Surprise them and show off your creativity through elegant and beautiful 3D invitation card trend 2019 you can’t ignore. Get ready to be inspired by these adorable ideas below.

3D invitation card designs with floral theme

Look beyond flowers for nature-inspired wedding invitation designs. Leaves and greenery can be just as stunning as colorful blooms. You can choose from a range of flowers from tulip to rose basket or bouquet of peony. Unipop has dozens of designs that incorporate leaves and flowers, including this one. Cherry Blossom, exclusively at Unipop, is a 3D cherry blossom tree that looks both graceful and punctuated with fluttering blooms like a romantic pink cloud surrounded by falling petals. If you’ve already chosen your wedding flowers, you can even add those into your design.

3d invitation card cherry blossom

Cherry Blossom Pop Up Card

Animal 3D invitation card template

Animal 3D invitation card designs are expected to be a big 2019 wedding trend for decor, cakes and invitations. This style is great for animal lovers, but can be worked into more complicated stationery designs, too. Adding a few shapes, or unique, bold border to your wedding invitations will really make them pop, no matter what style you’re going with.

CP034 Bunnys Valentine 3d invitation card

Love Bunny Pop Up Card

3D invitation card attached dark theme

Light and neutral color schemes used to be all the rage, but nowadays couples are heading in the opposite direction. Dark theme and rich tones are going to be popular in the world of wedding invitations, so think about changing the ivory tones and going with a black, burgundy or navy invitation suite. This trend looks great with metallics and geometric designs, so think about incorporating all three 2019 wedding invitation trends into your stationery.

Wine Barrel 3d invitation card

Wine Barrel Pop Up Card


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