Why is turning 21 such a big deal

It’s hard to say why turning 21 is a big deal. By almost every measure there isn’t much about that age that feels all that significant. You’ve been more or less technically an adult in this year —you can drink, you can smoke, you can vote, and you can drive. You can get married and sign contracts and you’ve been legally in charge of your own affairs for a while. Or your friend will say a unique happy birthday by an amazing 3D birthday card with name to you.

The importance of 21st birthday

The biggest reason that the 21st birthday is so significant in the US is that this is the age where is legal to drink and to purchase alcohol. Even if people don't drink often, or don't like to drink, they aren't allowed to go into establishments like bars, casinos, and clubs where drinking occurs, until they are 21. This means that a person can officially go into any establishment, even those that sell adult items, when they turn 21.

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This leads to an idea that becoming 21 is actually becoming an adult, although people may get married, join the army, smoke, and purchase adult magazines when they turn 18. Also, the age of 21 is widely considered to be the age where you are no longer dependent on your parents. Many insurance companies won't cover you after age of 21 unless you are in school. This is also the age where teenagers are considered to be young adults, and are expected to have more responsibility.

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Many people consider taking someone out for their 21st birthday and buying their drinks to be a worthwhile gift. You might want to celebrate the occasion by buying the birthday boy his own set of beer mugs, or the birthday girl her own shot glasses. The typical birthday gifts for a young adult still suffice for the 21st birthday, as well. Moreover, you can help them mark this special day by a 3D birthday card with name. It not only brings the best wishes for your friends, but also reminds beautiful memories when they are becoming older. Unipop also has 3D greeting card for birthday for you to choose if needed.

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What really is the big deal behind turning 21 if most people agree that it is the same as being 20? Not including the ability to drink and gamble necessarily, it is the added expectations, responsibilities, and freedoms that come with it. It is the fact you are now one step closer to being a true adult even though that comes at different times for everyone. Last not the least, happy 21st birthday for everyone!


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