Vine Pop Up Card

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Vine Pop Up Card - At Color Pop, we love a good tree card. Vine Pop Up Card is the most majestic of all.

The white cover of the card featuring a laser-cut vine tree with vibrant green leaves, two bunches of ripe grapes and a minimalist brown trunk.

Inside, the asymmetrical sculpture stretches toward the sky, with dramatic, drooping branches and bunches of ripe grape. Mirroring its front, the vine pop-up plants its roots within a tan and brown base, while a rock path and a river from the lower right corner for an added cue to serenity.

Inspiration for the Vine Pop Up Card

Color Pop designers dubbed the Vine Pop Up Card their “most intricate and difficult challenge” yet. The highly detailed design took over two weeks of “clipping, pruning and designing”.

Inspired by our loved ones who could use a touch of relaxation or a little deskside vine tree. The result is perfectly steady, stable, and seamless -- just like your salutations to the spring.

Occasions for the Vine Pop Up Card

Gift the Vine Pop Up Card to someone who is the zen and calming force in your life or to someone who loves their grapes.

You can also give the 3D Vine tree to a friend or family member who simply cannot keep a plant alive for the life of them, and this will serve as a great keepsake.

Unipop note card


The Vine Pop Up Card is 5 x 7 inches.


One lovely Unipop card will come with white envelope & Unipop Label.

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