Unipop Christmas Miracle - Pack of 12

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img src="CB016-1.jpg" alt="Christmas Miracle Cards- Pack of 12"
img src="Christmas-Tree-pop-up-card_2b3eb35a-4ecc-4406-bcdf-dbb169930097.jpg" alt="Christmas Tree Card"
img src="Holy-Family-Stained-Glass-pop-up-card_0fdf7ff2-0171-4a65-8d4e-533b0966ff11.jpg" alt="Family Christmas Card"
img src="Red-Nosed-Reindeer-pop-up-card_e86219b2-0dc1-45bd-ad3c-3a5914fb12fb.jpg" alt="Red Nosed Reindeer Christmas Card"
img src="Church-pop-up-card_e29a3ab0-de2f-4aa4-88f3-d63963a177b1.jpg" alt="Church Christmas Card"
img src="Gloria-Angel-pop-up-card_ef95fc9a-e517-410f-853d-b1f214c2a8e0.jpg" alt="Angel Christmas Card"
img src="Snowman-pop-up-card_86926bfe-28cf-4b0d-b629-ff6e7f7f907e.jpg" alt="Snowman Card for Christmas"
img src="Christmas-train-pop-up-card_aeea328f-93c1-4fc6-a9ee-2e2ed36c06d0.jpg" alt="Christmas train Card for family"
img src="Bear-with-Gifts-pop-up-card_790f999f-34ac-478e-9d93-19b721ecd78a.jpg" alt="Bear pop up Card for family"
img src="christmas-deers-pop-up-card_a6dfebc1-97ea-4bad-aa20-501e4185837f.jpg" alt="Christmas deers pop up Card for family"
img src="Cardinal-love-bird-pop-up-card-unipop_3549bbce-e3de-48ae-b3c7-9a1e146b89cd.jpg" alt="Cardinal love bird pop up Card"
img src="Snowman-pop-up-card_f7503794-bc84-497a-937a-b75c0d14339a.jpg" alt="Snowman pop up Card"
img src="Child-Jesu-pop-up-card_7f3a6c22-ae95-410a-907e-0e00dccb776b.jpg" alt="Child Jesus pop up Card"
img src="Bear-and-Penguins-Pop-Up-Card_8c923d35-ab66-4faa-8a20-c441a84d6886.jpg" alt="Bear and Penguins pop up Card"

Unipop Christmas Miracle - Pack of 12

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What’s inside Unipop Christmas Miracle Pack?

This Christmas Pack includes 12 beautifully designed Christmas cards.

1. Christmas Tree

The red cover opens up a family of four decorating the Christmas tree and wrapping presents. All together create a warm and cozy scenery for Xmas – a perfect way to send a festive atmosphere to your loved ones.

2.Holy Family Stained Glass

Featuring the ideal Christian family – a holy family consisting of Joseph, Marry, and baby Jesus, standing against the stained glass background.

3. Church

The Church pop up card unfolds a 3D red church standing in the middle of the snow-covered ground with decorated Christmas trees standing beside it.

4. Gloria Angel

The sparkly white cover unfolds into a 3D angel. She is holding a lyre with her beautiful white and gold wings spreading. It feels like she’s floating in the blue sky background.

5. Bear with Gifts

The icy blue cover unfolds into an ice skating rink for the polar bear with its full-of-presents-bag to skate. A weird yet adorable Santa indeed? Would he have the honor to deliver your gift?

6. Bear and Penguin

The as black as a penguin back cover opens up a cute scene where a polar bear is gifting a present to the little penguin. Both are wearing Santa hats. Maybe they’re each other secret Santa.

7. Christmas Deer

Featuring a winter wonderland inside once open. Two lovely brown deer standing in the middle with decorated Christmas trees, and icy blue bushes surrounding them.

8. Cardinal

The dark green cover opens up a lovely Cardinal surrounded by holly fruits and leaves. With its red fur, we can feel that Christmas is near when we see this Cardinal bird as well as this card.

9. Christmas Train

The moss green cover opens up a stunning scenario in snow-covered forest – Santa riding an awesome red train with a bunch of present boxes.

10. Red Nosed Reindeer

Featuring a very well-prepared deer for traveling. With its horns wrapped in Christmas lights, and a scarf on its neck. Red nosed reindeer is ready to deliver joy to you and your loved ones.

11. Snowman

The deep red cover opens up a snowman that never melts standing in the middle of the snow-cover ground. Surrounding him is the Christmas bird – a Cardinal, lots of presents, and a wooden sign said: “Have a holly jolly holiday”.

12. Child Jesus

The mint-colored cover opens up 3D baby Jesus sleeping peacefully in a wooden crib while being surrounded by baby sheep.

Occasions for Unipop Christmas Miracle Pack

If you happen to fall in love with all of our Christmas cards, this pack is definitely for you. With 12 different designs, you can gift a unique card to your friends, family, and others.
Christmas is all about making others feel extra special so send them your loving thoughts and best wishes with us.


Each card from the pack is 5 x 7".


Each card is packed with a white envelope and a clear protective sleeve on the outside.


Even though a picture is worth a thousand words, sending love to someone you care about is never enough. A blank note is included in our card so that you can freely express your love to the recipient.

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