Hedgehog Birthday Pop Up Card

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What you find inside the Hedgehog Birthday Pop Up Card

The pink cover of the Hedgehog Birthday Pop Up Card features a laser-cut hedgehog floating in the air with a blue balloon that adorned by small clouds surrounding. Surely this is an image not to be missed when seeing in the first time ever.

Once opened, the card reveals the cute brown hedgehog sitting and smiling happily. The hedgehog is shown wearing a stripes party hat and bringing a dot pink gift in front of it. Along the inner panels, a swirly cloud of white and blue, with stars, music and balloons printed cover the card. On the right side, the Unipop notch note is shown ready to reveal the giver's message.

Inspiration for the Hedgehog Birthday Pop Up Card 

Hedgehog is always one of our favorite animals. Who are we kidding, we love all little hedgehogs, but there is just something about a hedgehog’s appearance that melts our hearts. Gifts and balloon are also indispensable images in the birthday. We thought it would be fun to combine the fun of those image with the cuteness of one of the world's cutest animal.

Occasions for the Hedgehog Birthday Pop Up Card 


The Hedgehog Birthday Pop Up Card is the perfect birthday gift for the animal lover in your life, your BFF who crazily like crazy little hedgehog, or anyone who is a fan of these playful yet powerful creatures!

Unipop Note card:


The Hedgehog Birthday Pop Up Card is 5 x 7 inches


One lovely Unipop card will come with white envelope & Unipop Label.

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