Flag Day Pop Up Card

by Unipop

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What you find inside the Flag Day Pop Up Card

Everyone has a birthday, a special day that brings celebration and excitement to everyone involved. Like people, the American flag has a birthday, too! On Flag Day every year, Americans take a moment to remember what the flag means and the sacrifices that have kept it flying.

With this Flag Day pop up card, the front grey cover features a laser-cut illustration one of history's most famous places in America - The Statue of Liberty. There is also an American flag in the left of The Statue of Liberty.

Open the Flag Day 3D card to reveal an adorable pop up of The Statue of Liberty for the United States. Instead of the familiar green costumes, the Statue of Liberty is adorned into a American flag theme with white stars, red and white stripes symbol throughout the costumes. We also use the main colors in the background. Surrounded by the US map, the characteristics of each region on the map are also clarified. Moreover, there is a big blue text “USA” near the map, along with the stars covering the background.

Inspiration for the Flag Day Pop Up Card

On June 14, 1777, the American flag was officially adopted as the symbol that would represent the country throughout the world. Designed with 13 red and white stripes to represent the first American colonies and 50 stars to represent the states that form the country we know today. The birthday of the U.S. National Flag which stands for freedom, unity and liberty. So celebrate the pride and the glory of the nation with your near and dear ones and send them patriotic and cute greeting cards.

Occasions for the Flag Day Pop Up Card

It's time for a celebration! As you plan your celebrations and parties this year, send this Flag Day card to start the festivities! Remember this day with all your loved ones with the flowing stars and stripes background on this card. Show your loved ones how excited you are for this year's celebrations by sending this card!

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The Flag Day Pop Up Card is 5 x 7 inches.


One lovely Unipop card will come with white envelope & Unipop Label.

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