Cardinal Pop Up Card

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Cardinal Pop Up Card

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What’s inside the Cardinal Pop up card?

The beloved Cardinal pop-up features a dark green laser-cut cover with a unique lively red cardinal perched on a mistletoe, about to sing funny sounds for a new day. These two colors seem to be contrasting, but so catchy. Once it unfolded, the Cardinal with a long and smooth feather in red like a little fire perching on a mistletoe, covered by a little snow will appear as want to say “Winter is around the corner, let’s say hi to the first snow and warm our hearts with fire, waiting for good things to come”

Occasions for the Cardinal Pop up card

Giving this meaningful card on someone’s anniversary occasion reminds you that even your loved ones have been far away, but somewhere deep inside the heart, they will always live forever, watching and encouraging you to stay optimistic and keep being strong to overcome all hurdles in life. What a great way to recall your long-lost memories and keep them alive in your heart. As Cardinal Bird symbolized the early winter, then send it to your wife or husband to share love and warmth, as a way to say thank you for always accompanying you in harsh times. The cardinals bring life and color, and give us hope and faith to help us pass the cold days.


The size of the Cardinal pop-up card is 5 x 7".


The card is packed with a white envelope and a clear protective sleeve on the outside.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
A really pretty card - for almost any occasion

$12 seems to be the going price for nice pop up cards, and this one is no different. It is well made - the material is thick and cut evenly. The colors are bright and match. The included envelope fit perfectly. The cardinal card should work for almost any occasion, especially if you have any bird lovers in your family!

Linda K.

They are so well-made, and it is such a joy to see my friends and family open the cards and be so surprised by the beautiful artwork.

Yuria P.

I love this card because it is unique and handmade. It is a handmade card and the artists are so skilled at putting the card together that it looks like it is professionally made. I love the images on this card, and the card is made of a high-quality paper that is perfect for sending a card to someone special. The card is also a great size, so it can be sent to a lot of people.

Cute pop up card

Everyone likes a cardinal. This is a very well made, sturdy pop up card. Use for any occasion. Very cute and should be appreciated by everyone.

James W.Durney
Love these cards

Always welcome and enjoyed. a gift as much as a card