Birthday Bear Pop Up Card

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Birthday Bear Pop Up Card

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What’s inside the Birthday Bear Pop up card?

Welcome to the world of sweets! This piece of art features a sweet pink color background with 3D laser cutting patterns in milky pink, which create a comfortable feeling at first sight. The spotlight of this pinky cutie is a lovely huge light pink bear wearing a birthday hat and holding a colorful flower bouquet tight. When you explore the inside, the cuddle Teddy Bear will popup in space be decorating in a “Happy Birthday” mood with a little cupcake, twinkle star to say hi with a chubby face, and gift you a flower bouquet as whispering that “Because you are worth to the sweetest things, so let me hug you tight, making a wish that you will be always beautiful and shining like these colorful flowers”. Is it sweet enough to steal your heart, pinkaholic?

Occasions for the Birthday Bear Pop up card

As love is innocent and romantic as always, what are you waiting for? Without any particular occasion, you can still celebrate and create unforgettable memories with your precious girlfriend with this fabulous popup card from Unipop! Say Happy Birthday to your loved wife, who always accompanies and supports you through many troubles in life, or even your little daughter, who has a craving for pink things and little toy as a reminder that no matter what happens, just enjoy your life with a bright and joyful smile on your face forever! This Teddy Bear will accompany and hug you whenever you need


The size of the Birthday Bear pop-up card is 5 x 7".


The card is packed with a white envelope and a clear protective sleeve on the outside.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Really cute highly recommended thanks


The best cards and birthday gifts ever. My brother is a shut-in and puts these on his night stand to brighten his day

Jobin H.
I love these cards

I love these cards because they are so beautiful! I love that I can send a card that is handcrafted and really personal and that the card arrives in such a nice package. I love that the cards are environmentally friendly and that Unipop has a wide selection of cards to choose from.

Claudia J.
hand-crafted and unique

I also love that they are not a mass produced card, they are hand-crafted and unique. I love that they are eco-friendly. They are perfect for a graduation, birthday, or any other occasion.

Sharon B.
high-quality materials

I love these cards. We use them for our business every year and everyone thinks they are so unique! I love that the card comes in a unique box that is able to fit a card and a small gift. Plus, the card is made with high-quality materials. I love that the card is printed on recycled paper and the design is totally customizable. I also love the simplicity of the card. It looks like a card I would have made myself, but it is more expensive. I love that the card is so affordable and that I can order it in bulk.