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What is Flamingo Popup Card?

Life is not without challenges. Hard times are inevitable. At one time or another, people will all go through a difficult time, whether they deal with sickness, crisis, or relational breakdown.
In those times, they need each other more than ever, but it’s not just enough to be surrounded by anyone. A flamingo pop up card RIGHT NOW is a strong light that really lifts someone up in their life.

This pop up card will bring an awesome, one of a kind experience more than any gift ever could

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Flamingo pop up card is a 


This pop up card will contain many secret meanings that you have never thought about flamingo before

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This pop up card will help you tell your own feelings easier through 3D sculpture inside

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Here's What Flamingo Pop Up Card Can Bring:

And That's JUST A FEW BENEFITS...Discover much more stories behind!

It’s incredible design

Our hot pink couple of Flamingo birds are cheerful and bright in their tropical home. Perched atop a blooming pink floral and green leaves, the laser-cut couple bird of paradise stand out on the front of this tranquil dark blue card.

Inside, the intricately cut 3D fuchsia and rose flamingo gracefully balances on one leg among lush green foliage and bold blue waters. Much of your happiness and heart fulfillment waits through these images. Flamingos are at your door, they comes to nudge and watch you bloom like an orchid in the morning sun.

It’s tangible

Pop up cards are often the wonderful method for many people who wish to hear from friends and family across the country or even down the street, especially during the holidays. We cannot touch an email nor can we hug a text message; fortunately, flamingo pop up cards are pieces of 3D sculpture that we can pick up, open, and actually touch in our hand. It reaches far beyond the traditional card. With 3D flamingo card, your loved one can feel your truly sentiments and listen to the story of flamingo overcome difficulties. It will transform into a loving keepsake to enjoy year after year.

It’s blank

How often have you stood in a stationery store or greeting card shop, searching for the perfect card to honor a major life moments? As we can see it seems as the cards’ printed messages are too much, not enough, or simply not meaningful enough. However, filling a Unipop Card with your handwritten individual wishes provides it's recipient with an unexpected, deeply personal connection. There is something sweet about a handwritten note. It means a person took the time to deliberately put pen to paper. This simple, thoughtful act can strengthen relationships, and who would have thought a pop up card could do so much?

It adapts to all occasions

This Flamingo pop up card is a wonderful pop up gift for any occasion. You can gift the amazing 3D pop up card to people who love birds and nature in their birthday or saying hi.

With their beautiful, bold pink shades, flamingos certainly stand out in the animal kingdom and even amongst other birds. Thus, flamingo meaning prompts someone to maintain their individuality within the crowds. That’s why it may be a perfect gift for your friend who prepares for admission to a new school or get a new job.

It is a good idea for different occasions such as get well card or cheer up. Standing on one leg for hours at a time from Flamingo allow anyone to feel the importance of balance in life. This card is gentle reminder they’ve needed to step aside, reassess their priorities and rebalance themselves for whole life.

A couple of flamingos resting their heads on each other to form a heart is also an excellent choice for Valentine's Day, thinking of you or your anniversary. Giving them express your gratitude to surprise without a reason but only to tell them how much you care.

It’s unexpected

Upon first glance, Flamingo card seems like the typical greeting card: paper and flat. However, opening a Unipop Card reveals a surprise magic inside with colorful a couple of flamingos. Each 3D structure springs to life, often multiple inches tall and wide leaving us wide eyed with wonder: how'd it do that!?

Flamingo 3D card at Unipop is created by a designer who first sketches on paper and then mocks up their idea with 3D modeling software. Each piece of the card is laser-cut to exact dimensions, and the requisite pieces are then totally assembled by hand. The handmade process takes between 20 and 30 minutes. Being able to craft this kind of card is another way that Unipop is bringing the best surprise for the recipients.

It’s unique

If you type the keyword “flamingo pop up card” on the internet, there are more than 18 million results about it. Although it has already had a lot of flamingo pop up card before, whether you realize the similarity in them or not. Because of flamingo’s slender long legs and special pink fur, it is difficult to show through 3D sculpture. Most of design use 2D printed paper for assembling a final item. But what does Unipop Flamingo card have? Not only does it create a complete 3D block of flamingo birds, but the details such as flowers, leaves and background are also meticulously created like a flamingo coming out in real life.

Design is just only design 

Honestly, in the first days designing in Unipop was merely based on the occasions that people used the most and then created into small categories. But then, the design team had a different thinking when the products were bought and there were many meaningful stories behind. 

Touching stories from our lovely customers

This might be a story about Cardinal Bird pop up card - a representative of a loved one who has passed when a woman gave the card to her son on his birthday when her husband is dead. Or a 6-year-old nephew asked his grandfather why the penguin and bear met together when they lived on two sides of the world with Birthday Penguin and Bear pop up card. It is also a romantic love story about a young couple living far away from each other, so the wife presented her husband with a Travelling pop up card to celebrate their anniversary day. That's when we decided that Unipop card is not just a pop up card, it will bring the story of each person.

Why Flamingo, NOT any other animals

Flamingos have always been a part of culture, fashion and style. Artists have long looked to the flamingos as inspiration, using their form and features as a part of a stylish design. In the US, you might see small flamingo emblems on shoes or even as logos on T-shirts and prints on dresses. This is the first reason for us to choose flamingo as the design this time, because of its popularity.

As we discover about flamingo stories, we realize that this MUST really be our design. Flamingo is a bird that is usually standing on one leg, while the other leg is hidden underneath its body. It means that flamingo have good balance in their lives. It reminds you to get in touch with your emotions. In other words, if you bottle things up, you will find yourself reacting rather than acting appropriately. Therefore, flamingo meaning dictates that you must allow yourself to release your feelings so that you can come into balance again.

Flamingo with its bright pink fur may be pointing out that you are blending in a bit too well right now. You need to show yourself to be different and to think for yourself. Flamingo prompts you to maintain your individuality under the present circumstances. Stand out from the crowd. BE UNIQUE!

A fun fact we think that few people know about flamingo. Flamingos don’t just live in tropical paradises, they also live at extremely high altitudes where the water freezes around them overnight and in toxic environments where the water is so polluted or salty that other creatures cannot survive. Say WHAT? We know, right? Flamingos are amazing. They can survive and thrive in challenging environments, and continue to maintain their characteristics. We believe that this is a strong message for all of us. Once we validate the experiences we are living through, not only will we be more resilient, we will also become more committed to thriving and surviving through whatever is thrown our way.

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Making process of flamingo pop up card

From Outline Ideas

The first person who came up with the idea for the flamingo card was Ken, Co - Founder of Unipop. He realized that the flamingo was loved by a lot of people, and when seeing more about its story, he decided to create the design. A meeting was quickly set up ... then Dat and Quynh, two of our talented designers, were assigned to this task. 


The flamingo has gorgeous feathers, a long neck, long skinny legs that go on forever and an amazing silhouette. Dat wanted to show the flamingo's long legs, but when sketching, he realized that if he did, the size of the card would not cover the whole 3D sculpture. Quynh and other team members offered many solutions such as resizing the flamingo sculpture or maybe making the legs shorter. Finally, he changed the design to the idea of using leaves to cover these long legs.

Another problem is which flower will stand next to the flamingo bird to connect meaning between the bird and the flower. Linh, who is a junior designer recommended about bird of paradise. Due to its tropical nature, the bird of paradise is known as the ultimate symbol of paradise and freedom. Combination of elegant flamingo bird and paradise flowers is PERFECT to anyone’s view.


After completing sketch of 3D sculpture shapes, Dat continued to use various design programs and turned his original sketches and ideas into reality. Combined with the color of sculpture and many features of flamingo, Quynh used a drifting water effect for the background inside. She put all the care that you want to express to the closest people in your life into the design and executed the best quality item for you.

The card cover was also an interesting secret that Quynh wanted to give you. Instead of showing all the designs inside the card on the cover, it is only seen by the image of a couple of birds standing on one leg on the green leaves. If you don't discover it yourself, how could you know that there is so much magic inside?

You think it’s done...NOT YET…
This design also had to undergo careful review from Ken, and after a lot of discussing and editing on the color and texture of the card to create a solidness for the 3D block, the new product was officially confirmed.

To Handcraft

Last but not least, we still take time for assembling by hand from our artists. Each pop up card takes our team 20-30 minutes to craft and the larger animals take more times that amount. From making the design layout for laser cut to assemble the 3D sculptures inside and outside, our production team follows strict process to deliver the highest quality products to you.

The amount of paper is very large, so when using laser-cut technique sometimes can have mistakes in paper cutting. Although it takes time, our artists have to cut back again so that every piece ensures the best quality from the first step. The products are totally craft handmade... Sometimes we met inevitable problems such as the glue sticking from the hands to the product, having folds due to not strong rubbing... At the final step, any defective products are immediately replaced by QA Testing team. In addition, every unipop product, there is a cute label attached in every Unipop product to help you understand the story before touching the magic inside. It is also a sincere thanks from us when you choose Unipop in the journey to share your feelings.

Unipop believes in filling our company with quality pieces that you love and that are made with their sentiment and talent. As you can see, every item you hold in your hand is not only just the usual pop up card but also it's the whole story of the Unipop team making.

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Flamingo Pop Up Card

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- Because pop up cards are new trendings in greeting cards. They're offering a new kind of experience. Each card folds flat and then somehow opens up to unveil a super intricate paper sculpture. It can then be folded up again, as many times as you want. An unexpected experience that will make every moment in your life becomes special.



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What Is Unipop

Greetings from Vicky Le, Co - Founder of Unipop!

It sounds really obvious...Unipop pop up card is all about pop up cards. I love pop-up designs and telling a story through cards. I love combining the raw beauty of art paper and the unique characteristics of the handmade craft with my designs to create a product that uniquely represents our stories.

Unipop designs are about anything close to you. They express all your emotions, joy, thanks, sympathy, humor, love and admiration. It allows you to connect on an emotional level with the people who have touched your lives. This is my mission, my hope, my dream about making every moment in your life become special to last forever. Card from Unipop is also made perfectly by skilled artists (laser cut & hand-assembled), this is more of a beautiful piece of art – perfect for anyone who you care everyday. Go and bring someone a card, it doesn’t even have to be their birthday. I and my teams are here to come with you. Let’s love to be loved with Unipop!

Our Team Design UniPop

Unipop owns a young passionate and talented design team that always keeping up with the latest design trends. Their process from creating an idea of turning it into a real product is also special. They always prefer to start a sketch design.

They find that when a design is at least started ‘by hand’ in this sketchy manner it is imbued with more character and soul. Once the essence of the design is on paper, they will take it into the computer to resolve the repeat and layout. This approach complements the unique characteristics of the printing process.

At Unipop, we believe everyone deserves to have a meaningful gift. Pop up cards and the stories behind them makes us happy, We're excited to help you on your sharing journey!

We don’t just sell pop up cards - It’s how we make every moment become special in your life

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