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This pop up card will bring an awesome, one of a kind experience more than any gift ever could

This pop up card will contain many secret meanings that you have never thought about flamingo before

This pop up card will help you tell your own feelings easier through 3D sculpture inside

Flamingo pop up card is a LOVE INSPIRATION GIFT

For the most meaningful anniversary

For the woman you love

For the person you admire

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4 .To Handcraft

Process of making FLAMINGO POP UP CARD ?

Flamingos have always been a part of culture, fashion and style. Artists have long looked to the flamingos as inspiration, using their form and features as a part of a stylish design. In the US, you might see small flamingo emblems on shoes or even as logos on T-shirts and prints on dresses. This is the first reason for us to choose flamingo as the design this time, because of its popularity.

As we discover about flamingo stories, we realize that this MUST really be our design. Flamingo is a bird that is usually standing on one leg, while the other leg is hidden underneath its body. It means that flamingo have good balance in their lives. It reminds you to get in touch with your emotions. In other words, if you bottle things up, you will find yourself reacting rather than acting appropriately. Therefore, flamingo meaning dictates that you must allow yourself to release your feelings so that you can come into balance again.

Flamingo with its bright pink fur may be pointing out that you are blending in a bit too well right now. You need to show yourself to be different and to think for yourself. Flamingo prompts you to maintain your individuality under the present circumstances. Stand out from the crowd. BE UNIQUE!

A fun fact we think that few people know about flamingo. Flamingos don’t just live in tropical paradises, they also live at extremely high altitudes where the water freezes around them overnight and in toxic environments where the water is so polluted or salty that other creatures cannot survive. Say WHAT? We know, right? Flamingos are amazing. They can survive and thrive in challenging environments, and continue to maintain their characteristics. We believe that this is a strong message for all of us. Once we validate the experiences we are living through, not only will we be more resilient, we will also become more committed to thriving and surviving through whatever is thrown our way.

Why Flamingo, NOT any other animals?

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Customer reviews

4.9 out of 5

I purchased this flamingo pop up card for the birthday of a relative who loves flamingos. She will be thrilled with this card because it is beautiful with two colorful flamingos in grass that pop up when the card is opened.

Beautiful Card

Verified Purchase

Reviewed in the United States on September 21, 2019

Was better than described! Beautiful and heavier than expected...Very nice!

Would buy again!

Verified Purchase

Reviewed in the United States on January 27, 2020

Awesome card. Very well made.

Great card!!

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Reviewed in the United States on October 14, 2019

Exactly what I was looking for. The card was loved by my wife.

Great card for flamingo people

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Reviewed in the United States on October 19, 2019

Bring Your Stories to Loved Ones

Flamingo Pop Up Card

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Unipop dont just sell pop up cards

It’s how we make every moment become special in your life

Unipop designs are about anything close to you. They express all your emotions, joy, thanks, sympathy, humor, love and admiration. It allows you to connect on an emotional level with the people who have touched your lives. This is my mission, my hope, my dream about making every moment in your life become special to last forever. Card from Unipop is also made perfectly by skilled artists (laser cut & hand-assembled), this is more of a beautiful piece of art – perfect for anyone who you care everyday. Go and bring someone a card, it doesn’t even have to be their birthday. I and my teams are here to come with you. Let’s love to be loved with Unipop! 

Greetings from Vicky Le, Co - Founder of Unipop!

It sounds really obvious...Unipop pop up card is all about pop up cards. I love pop-up designs and telling a story through cards. I love combining the raw beauty of art paper and the unique characteristics of the handmade craft with my designs to create a product that uniquely represents our stories. 

What Is Unipop

At Unipop, we believe everyone deserves to have a meaningful gift. Pop up cards and the stories behind them makes us happy, We're excited to help you on your sharing journey!

They find that when a design is at least started ‘by hand’ in this sketchy manner it is imbued with more character and soul. Once the essence of the design is on paper, they will take it into the computer to resolve the repeat and layout. This approach complements the unique characteristics of the printing process. 

Unipop owns a young passionate and talented design team that always keeping up with the latest design trends. Their process from creating an idea of turning it into a real product is also special. They always prefer to start a sketch design. 

Our Team Design UniPop

Our Team Design UniPop

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