Corporate Customers

Unipop offers a bespoke range of exquisite corporate pop-up card options for all enterprise models; from small scale to blue chip companies.

Each of our product is handcrafted entirely, and could be customized to your preferences.

Why us?

We believe that bringing joy to your customers is the best key for you to reach their hearts. And to do this, we help you to give them the most emotional gift that they've ever received. And the magic result you got is that your Unipop will be cherished and widely shared on social networks by your customers or clients and of course you will also be appreciated for giving them such an impressive, unique and fabulous gift.

How our Corporate Customers program works?

With our Corporate Customer program, you can buy our products in large quantities at attractive discounts. Just let us know a few things about your business and we will send you a sample card with a compatible design. Click on the link below on our Corporate Customers page to get started.

Branding and personalization

At Unipop, we make every effort to bring your brand, logo or messages to life. We realize the value of investing in brand promotion, and we have different custom promotional items that can be personalized to help your name stand out as unique and memorable.

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